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    TGIF****Roll Call ****7/26/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    TGIF***MiMi in NC...where it has taken quite a while for me to get on this site. So it was down last night and then hard to start this morning. Don't know about all of this. It was just kind of *spinning* like it did not know where to go or what to do. I do hope this is not the case for perhaps they will not wait.

    NC has had a nice couple of days has been cooler than expected and nice. It feels good for now.

    It has been a very stressful week here. Did I say *stressful*? Can not even believe what happens any more. Seems like people must pay a *high price* to *defend their rights*. Nothing is easy though and I guess this is not exactly something that people really think about. But I have learned quite a lot in the past few years. Putting one's life on the line is a hard thing to think about...especially when you started you had no idea just what to expect. Well...things are never easy and I guess this, too, applies here. is hoping everyone had a peaceful and restful night and I hope today will be a good day for us all, with little to no pain. I think this is what we all look forward we face the wrath of the dragon each and every day.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that soon you will also find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort so hang in here and learn all you can about what others have found that has helped them cope better. We are all different and what works for one may or may not work for another. We, FMers, must keep on keeping on though until we find the *just right tools for our toolbox*...a person should allow at least 6-8 weeks of whatever they are trying before making a decision as to whether or not it is working...(unless, of course, it is making you sicker than you were to begin with)

    Vitamin D and Vitamin sure and speak to your doctor about getting these checked...which is important to a lot of people these days.

    Have a good day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good TGIF to all. I do hope you're having a good day and that you will not be dealing with fibro issues or pain today.

    Not a lot to post about today... the weather is to die for. A real estate selling day going on here. Just so pretty and cool. Going up to 86 today with a few clouds here and there. Again, more like a mid September day than the 3RD week of July. But I'll take it.

    DH and I had a very nice yesterday with the GC. Took them to the mall @ Opry Mills bought them sweets and some school things. OMG They start school August 1St. Where did my full summer go?? And afterwards we headed home to watch the new hummingbirds that have come to live in the trees over out back yard. Feel bad that we will only have them 2 months and then their gone for the Fall, winter and most of spring. But like the nice weather now, I'll take it.

    Got my Dermatology appointment in and done and it went well. I like the nurse I have now. She really goes out of her way to do the extra things that make paying my co payment easier. She did more than she was supposed to yesterday but only charged me for one of the three of them. Very sweet.

    Mid year is always a medical co pay pain in the back side for me. All the bi yearly appointments add up. I have two dr appointments on Monday alone. Ugrrr. The cost of preventative medicine adds up.

    Have errands to run today and it will be so nice to be out in the nice weather. Not a lot to do, but a few things. I have to drop by an atm for some cash for lunch with BFF @ 1:30. This will be our first lunch together since she closed the catering business two weeks ago. Didn't think she'd do it, but she did. She sent emails to all of her clients and told them she wasn't taking any new events. She had finished all of the ones up to this point. Yay that!! I may find I miss it @ some point, but over all, a lot of work, little pay and very little thanks for all that is required of serving others. I think 20 years of doing it is enough for me. I can walk away with a smile knowing I did my best, with a smile and did the little extras each time to make each event I worked nicer for those around me.

    Okay, will close this here. Gentle hugs to all and wishes that each of you have a wonderful Friday..
    Linda R
    missist replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
    Hi All!

    Lovely day here in SC. I saw my dr briefly yesterday because I am getting edema in my feet/ankles/legs. My bloodpressure was great, but even though it was early in the day I was already getting swelling when I was there--it gets worse as the day goes on.

    So he took me off amlodapine (norvasc) and has me just using my diuretic for 2 weeks to see if the blood pressure pill has caused this. He says it does sometimes but usually early on when you start using it-- I've been using it for almost 4 years I think. However-- I did switch diuretics recently-so I think its probably the combo of both? I dont know.. but it could be something totally different.

    I had a list of things to ask him but unfortunately he is behind due to the new computer software which is messing things up so I have to wait.

    I see the neuro next week so I think some of my questions I may ask him instead.

    Just came in the house and had my lunch. I was outside using the leafblower to get rid of dead mayflies (piles of them!) and leaves, etc.. and also watering the front & back new plants and potted ones.

    Need to get a wedding cake topper design sketched today, but had to take care of some house & garden things first.

    I'm making a quart of fresh yogurt. I got a little ice cream maker at Aldi recently so I want to try making some strawberry yogurt to share with my grandkids.

    Well I have my feet up a bit, but it is time to get to work.

    Hope y'all have a fine day!
    debrabrooks1960 responded:
    Happy Friday to all!

    I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their weekend. I had a bad week. I hurt my back almost two weeks ago mopping my kitchen floor.I went to the doctor and he gave me some mild pain pills and muscle relaxer. It has not helped at all. so last Wednesday I tried to get another appointment but the office had no open appointments. So that night I was in so much pain I was crying. I went to ER and they could not find anything wrong. The ER doctor gave me two Loritab tablets and sent me home.They told me to contact my family doctor if I needed anything else. Now I have a new bill to pay and I am still in a lot of pain.

    Now for the good news! I have a new puppy! She is a black puppy with a little bit of white under her neck. I think she may be a Jack Russell. I am not sure. My niece found her her on a dirt road. She almost got hit by a car. My niece got out of her car and held her arms out and the puppy ran right into them! My niece asked around to all the house and could not find the owner. My niece was going to take her to the no kill shelter. She wanted me to keep her overnight because she can not have pets in her home. The puppy came right to me and fell asleep on my chest within five minutes! My heart was won! We are still trying to find the owners, but I am praying we do not find them. It seems like so much of my pain goes away when I play with Gracie (that is her new name) or I watch her sleep. Have a great weekend everyone! Soft hugs to all.

    Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.
    missist replied to debrabrooks1960's response:
    puppies are great!
    My main company is my dogs. They're life savers for sure.

    So your doctor didn't have time to see you-- I was in my drs office and it just began to sink in this evening.

    i went in cuz my feet/legs are swelling with edema, but -- I also wanted to ask if I should still see the neuro since the episodes I was having stopped. I also wanted to mention I've been coughing and hoarse since mid may--and that's inspite of using advair, zyrtec, nasonex or whatever it is called and my inhaler--which I'm using too often--so my asthma is not controlled he said I'd need to make an appointment for EACH one of those questions cuz he is just behind. I'm thinking he must be getting senile. There's almost nobody in that the office anytime I come. when I left there was Nobody else waiting.

    So I told my mom in law about it and my hubby and they urged me to find a new doctor. I guess they're right. Boy I had to go dr hunting, but this doesn't seem to be going well.

    Wolfsong452 responded:
    well looks like I finally can get on line before the end of the day. Hey, it's 11:15 pm here.


    last few days have been beautiful, yet all I can do is sleep all day.

    thought I was totally caught up on all the extra hours I've been working, along with cutting and trimming trees.

    guess I'm still wiped out.

    feels like such a waste of life to sleep all day not enjoying the cool weather.

    dumb me left the windows open Wed. night, oh it felt soo good.

    Yet, Thurs. morning, I woke feeling like I'd been hit by a truck.

    so all I acomplished all day was sweep my floor and go to Wall to exchange some shorts.

    went back to bed.

    I'm so looking forward to getting my knee surgery. That will be on Aug. 13, I know it will be more pain, but I hope in a good way.

    I'm leaning so much to the left favoring the right knee, that even my left ankle is hurting. Left leg is weak on it's on, so I've been lucky I haven't taken a fall.

    Been trying to take my vitamins, I had to throw away the Vitamin B that I have, it was making my stomach jump, have to find a gel type or something else.

    I know I need the "B" as much as the "D" but yuck!

    so Happy Friday to all, even though it's almost OVER !

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