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Any truth to this???
sparkyar posted:
I read and article on Facebook about FM and gluten ( is there any truth to this??
dollbug responded:
Hello sparkyar...MiMi in NC. Not sure anyone really knows what all is connected to the wrath of the dragon, aka FM. I do think that some things are indeed connected for some of us but it might not be the same for us all.

I have read that there is indeed something which can trigger FM. I am not even quite sure that all of the doctors are on the *same page* with a lot of issues about FM.

I do know that it does take time and effort to find things which will help us FMers cope better...and what works for some may or may not work for others. I am one of the FMers here who has learned how to control my FM pain by taking vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well.....I am still searching for something to help with the *chronic fatigue* though. So far I have not found much of anything....but I continue to look and try different things.

I hope you have asked your doctor about checking your Vitamin D level and Vitamin B's as well......which is really important to a lot of people.

Take care and good luck.


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