Any truth to this???
sparkyar posted:
I read and article on Facebook about FM and gluten ( is there any truth to this??
booch007 responded:
I am gluten free for GI reasons and see no difference in the muscles. IT was a thought I had long ago and called the celiac society looking for what they called "mucle involvement" to see if this is how I got here. They never helped me learn.

The IBS I was told for over 25 years was really Gluten intolerance and major gluten intolerance. SO SAD .
But in one week better and two weeks even the rashes I was getting disappeared. Then I was on a quest of vitamins and fluids to rehydrate my poor body....

It is over 10 years now and I have not reversed the mess....I have not figured out the proper assistance for my body. I just do the best I can. A physiatrist that I saw put it well. There are a few road that led you here....the gluten, working nights and not sleeping, my vascular disease that doesn't move blood well and the dehydration. I agree and I have tried to fix most.

Still here.

Nancy B
missist replied to booch007's response:
I tried the gluten free diet for a while and sadly it did nothing for me-- well not nothing--I think I did feel a little lighter if that makes sense but it did not help pain or depression or brain fog.

However I do have a friend who has fibro and swears by it. So maybe it works for some not others?