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? on Vitamin B and D, Magnesium oh and Fish
Wolfsong452 posted:
well trying to get back to more natural things,

I know I have the D problem, won't stay up where it's supposed to, I've been trying to take at least 1000 a day,

also been taking Vitamin B magnesium and fish oil.

I can get all of these thru my pharmancy at a cheap price, something like $2.00 a bottle all are different on how many.

My problem is the B's yuck, hack, make my tummy upset, nausea's, then I go all day tasting fish if I take the fish oil caps.
the multiple vitamin and magnesium are so large that I gag when I swallow them or they get stuck in my throat. not sure which is worse, nausea's, stuck or gagging.

dkuberskibader responded:
I don't know about the Vitamin B but I take a strawberry or lemon flavored fish oil pill. It is more expensive but I think its worth it!
booch007 responded:
Yes I hear this alot.

Our suggestions are to take them with dinner. On the full stomach the repeating is much less. Or with your largest meal of the day. Maybe that is luch? I don't know.

Some fish oil companies are better than others we use Natures bounty and have no problem taking it with dinner.

Good luck. We do need extra supplements in our diets . sad. Nancy B
mnjeepguy responded:
I take mine with a meal. I think it does make a difference what brand and how much you take at once. If you take more than one tablet split them up between meals.
franr responded:
There are capsules for vitamin B and C which come in minis by Nature Made. They are easy to take usually after a meals. And I have a sensitive stomach. Be care with magnesium it can cause constipation. Hope this helps. Fran
Wolfsong452 responded:
I was wondering, I'd read somewhere about a liquid vitamin B,

of course there is liquid vitamin C,

wondering if they have liquid fish oil, and magnesium,

hmm, thinking they do have the fish,

like it was said,

I'd probably have to pay the extra cost.

why is it so expensive to live healthy!
booch007 replied to Wolfsong452's response:
There is UDO's is amazing, costly but what the physiatrist had me on with the green vibrance supplement. He used to say these two together are a MEAL!

I had no repeat from it. I took it with diner in the evening.

Cholesterol is made by the liver in the evening when any assistance or a statin med should be taken in the evening to go with that premise.

Good luck, I hope you find a *pallitable* answer......Nancy B
Wolfsong452 replied to booch007's response:
will check it out, thanks

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