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bad day 8-3
fitzgift posted:
I feel depressed today and in pain my fibro was in my legs now it's all over my body my arms hurt today . It's a bad day for me just want to sleep
BetteK responded:

I'm sure that the 20 and 30 somethings can work through bodywide pain and manage even to function the next day.

We elder stateswomen have found through decades of study that we can no longer do this. If your 70 year old body hurts everywhere, it needs to rest everywhere. Whatever you would have done today will have one of three outcomes.
  1. No one will accomplish it today. It will be waiting for you tomorrow when your rested and refreshed body will be able to do a great job in plenty of time.
  2. Somebody, younger and livelier will notice the chore and just love to take it on. The young person will learn new skills and experience new joys. She may even ask for your expert advice on the project.
  3. The powers that be will decide that the job you never tackled on you bad day was really not worth all the time and effort it would have entailed. Instead, there will be a new, exciting project that you would love to work on--maybe with the young helper from case 2!

So, When your body says NO in no uncertain terms, listen to it. There will be other, better days, and other, better tasks--ones you can look forward to with joy.


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