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    Found the hard way allergic to sulphur antibiotics...
    slovene54 posted:
    I have a Weird sore on my chest so a dr in urgent care gave me antibiotics even though I really tried not to get them. Hate taking meds. Turns out I was right. Sick all day yesterday through today. Finally called an advice nurse and she said that's I was allergic and not to take anymore. So now I'm allergic to that and tramodol. Both found out the hard way! Horrible headaches. No muscle strength or energy. Glad my mom convinced me to call an advice nurse. Love the support of my family. Anyway that was my weekend. Who else's body functions enough to work full time and then crashe hard on the weekend? Vicious cycle. Hope you have a great week!!
    missist responded:
    Aww.. bummer. I thought I was allergic to those once, so glad I found it was chiggers. So far as much I'd like to replace it-- celebrex is my best pain killing normal life maker--it is also considered a sulfur drug.

    Seems we fibro folk do have a lot of sensitivities too--not just pain. sometimes it isn't a real allergy but just sensitive. I always have weird symptoms when I start a new RX.

    Never got sick like that though.

    hope you are well soon!
    BetteK responded:

    Back when, I was still working, I used to dream about the weekend when I could sleep a little later, spend some quality time with the kids, smooze a little with hubby, and generally recharge those batteries.

    In reality, the kids woke up at the same 6 A.M., all the usual farm chores were there along with sprucing up the house (it really needed it--guess what get's tracked into the house on barn boots?), cooking bigger "weekend" meals, company stayed late, and hubby and I conked out early.

    You do what you HAVE to do. For most of us, that includes working full time. (How else would we ever afford the medical insurance we really, really use.) Try to conserve as much energy as possible. (USE your crock pot. Get those Reynolds crock pot liners so you won't have to scrub it. You get good quality, cheap meals from a crock pot. Remember to toss in a bag of carrots, Even kids eat them when they're covered with gravy. No need to peel, just scrub. Same for the spuds. Use the time you would have spent cooking supper for playing with the kids--or hubby. If you are single, you probably eat too many fast food meals. Try a small crock pot. You'll be amazed.)

    You mention your mother. Mothers are wonderful. Treasure yours. Lean on her. Let her lean on you. It's called love. This is something that you never have too much of. As time goes on, she may do more of the leaning. You won't mind. Treasure that too.

    About those antibiotics. When we need them, we need them. When we don't, we don't. The problem (even for docs) is knowing which is which. What if your "weird sore" had been MRSA? The doc was being extra careful. And that's how we get superbugs. You should carry a card with you at all times--in case you cannot TELL the doctor your allergies.

    Hey, life is a process. Every day, every minute you learn.


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