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Help with non narcotic pain medications to continue PT
be_lovely posted:
Hi all, I am currently taken lyrica 100 mg bid tramadol 100 mg QID, baclofen 10 mg TID, tizanidine 4mg PRN, magnesium 1000mg hs, and turmeric root (not sure of dose) BID. I have been having increased pain over the past few weeks. I have started PT and whenever I have it I am in extreme pain the next day, more than the usual.i think the PT is vital to gain strength, endurance and balance. But due to the fact that I'm a recovering drug addict it makes it very difficult. I am at a max dose of tramadol. I have an appt with my pcp today. I could maybe try tramadol extended release. Not sure if anyone has tried that? Wondering I anyone has any suggestions?
BetteK responded:
be lovely,

Ask your PT if you can have some kind of heat treatment BEFORE a session. Sometimes this helps. If not, what did you lose?

We have to play with heat and cold (be careful with cold--it can start flare-ups. Sometimes a little cold on an overworked muscle can cool down the pain. Sometimes heat soothes the pain. It's trial and error.

Not all physical therapists know how to deal with fibro. I've had many courses of PT over the years. One time the initial evaluation threw me into a major flare that lasted 6 weeks!
(I should NOT have been on hands and knees lifting alternate hand and knee.) Since then, I've had abreviated evals and my PT has been in heated pools.

If you have the option of aquatic therapy, you should look into it. There is all of the motion/stretching, but none of the load. You can build strength, though by adding resistance tools. It just doesn't hurt unless you REALLY overdo it.

As to your addiction. You took drugs because you were in pain--whether physical like FM or emotional. You needed help, but went about getting it the wrong way. All of us here are seeking relief. We do it in different ways--some of them actually work, too.

Good luck.


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