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tummy issues :(
joyk569 posted:
hi everyone. my name is joy and i would love some advice on myvtummy issues.
it starts the same every time. severe stomach and ab cramping and nasty sulfur burps. about 2-3 hrs in the cramping is so intense i start vomiting and dirraeha. the vomit is yellow bile like with the nasty sulfur taste ad smell. truly embarrassing. then about 24 hrs later it subsides.
i have acid reflux but it seems like i am brushed off when i suggest anything else. i had scope into my stomach and that looked ok.

usually these episodes are about 8-10 wks apart but only about 1-2 wks now. so tough with two boys and a job that is already cutting my hrs and growing less and less understanding
dont knkw if i have fibro. but i noticed some symptons that related and i am looking for anything that can help. thnx in advance.for any advice! am am
missist responded:
Hi.. When I was younger, in my 20s mainly I suddenly began to have what they called 'spastic colon' later it was called IBS, another thing that fibro goes along with.

I had never had that sort of thing til then. Suddenly I had pain so bad i literally went to the ER and it did recurr quite a few times--but then disappeared.

I remember they gave me something that was very relaxing--at the ER it was 'bella donna coctail' ?

at home it was something else--cannot remmeber except that it would knock me out.

My youngest son had the same issues now that he is in his 20s-- has happened to him a few times and i think they treat him with a very potent antihistamine--which knocks him out mostly and relaxes him.

So I am thinking--it relaxes the colon too? or the nervous system?

I don't think 'intense cramping' is a reflux symptom--however reflux can go along with ibs or spastic colon.

As for reflux--I do get that if I'm not careful--with what I eat in the evening. I find eating an apple really amazingly knocks that out.

But I really think your problem sounds more like the way fibro can knot up your gutts-- I believe because it can just make the nervous system over stimulate your colon, esophagus, etc.

If my hunch is right-- benadryl might actually help a little. plus an apple maybe.
Also don't eat any chocolate or heavy foods-- there's probably a list someplace - in the evening.

When I was younger I had a lot of times when I would take benadryl as part of a diy treatment for the headaches and muscle spasm I'd have. It would relax my nerves I think so I could feel better after a nap.
missist replied to missist's response:
also-- this is of course just my experience-- not 'medical advice'. It helped me.
missist replied to missist's response:
here is a link about the belladonna thing:

I guess there is a party drink that goes by that name now--that is NOT what I was talking about. LOL..

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