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Fibromyalgia (Skin Discolor)
caramealinnamonn posted:
Has anyone with Fibromyalgia experienced a change in their skin tone. It's red, blotchy. It almost looks like a sunburn. Also has anyone experienced black/brown spots that looks like a mole? Please let me know.
missist responded:
my forearms get red and seem as if they were burned.. but aren't. I'm not sure really--it may be from a med. Sometimes though I think with all the crazy issues we have-- we get a little 'myopic' and notice everything that happens with our bodies--some of which may just be normal stuff or unrelated.
BetteK replied to missist's response:

One doctor told me, "If you know exactly how your poop looks every day, you have irritable bowel." I'm sure that sweetie would categorize us FMers as "If you can feel every cell in your body, you have fibromyalgia."

All kidding aside, there are some pretty nasty things that can happen to your skin--things like malignant melanoma and MRSA. If it's bigger than a pencil eraser, check it out to be sure. And if it is from your meds, that's where to fix things.

caramealinnamonn replied to missist's response:
Thanks for your response. I have it on my arms and legs. I'm not sure about it and neither are my docs. You're right, we do tend to notice every little thing. lol
caramealinnamonn replied to BetteK's response:
Thanks for responding. I will continue to watch and make sure they aren't getting bigger. It's possible it could be a side effect from the meds. I'm going to check with a doc just to be sure.

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