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    Thursday ****8/8/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC where it is drizzling this morning....not that this is anything new. I think this is expected for several days....I am sick of the dampness. I can feel it in my bones....and I hate this feeling.

    I woke up too darn early this morning and I woke up very tired. But that is nothing new either. I can only hope that one day I will wake up and feel rested. I remember the days when I did this but it has been a very long time. I do not think my body even knows how to *rest*.

    I had to go shopping yesterday and I bought some school supplies for my GS....yes, it is that time again. I think he will soon be ready to go....not wanting to go but ready anyway. He does not like school (yet)....I sure hope this changes for him. He likes to play games and (pretend).....which is what he calls it. I guess all children like to do their own thing, especially these days.

    So much going on everywhere. I often wonder how so much happens. And it seems to be world wide. No one knows how to control anything. I am sure it could be much worse though as we could be a 3rd world country. I sometimes think we are getting really close now though. No jobs and so many people needing help. It is not a good thing at all. So many cut backs everywhere. People who need help are having a very hard time now getting it.

    I read yesterday that the people who have money are NOT SPENDING any. Interesting that they say this is causing problems. Well, I think some of us just wish we had some money to spend. Some of us wish we had a pay check to cash.

    OK....enough on my soapbox.

    Welcome to new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that soon each of you will find something that will help you cope better. It does take time and effort to find the *just right combination of tools* that will work to make your journey each day hang in here and learn all you can from what others do that has worked for them. Everything is a process...which does take time and effort.

    Vitamin sure and ask your doctor to check your Vitamin D level which is important to a lot of people these days. Low Vitamin D can cause additional pain for some people and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

    Here is hoping everyone has a good day....with little to no pain.

    I hope there is sunshine in your corner of the world that you will enjoy. Send some my way.


    booch007 responded:
    Morning Mimi:

    I too woke too early. I was squished on the couch last night with legs tucked on the side of me under a blanket and O M G.
    I have hasseled the knee on the left!!!!

    I have been up since 2:30 with the pain of a lifetime. I took motrin 600mg and hoped it would help. position of laying on my back is all the hope I have fpr less pain to sleep....FM won't let me be on my back as the trapezius if full of trigger points so I was in a pickle.

    I have declofenac here but I have to eat big for I wait for a good meal.

    Screwed.....I took off the next 2 days, first since MARCH when i started the project at work, and I am dying emotionally that I am not there.....but I need a break (I am hating everyone) not like me, and not a place to be. SO I jumped ship...

    I jumped ship to have a craft day with the GC and then lunch out....and I CAN'T WALK!! I am so hopeful this a.m. meds and walking may walk it off. Pain is in the inner aspect of the knee and it cant be a tear I just strained it I think sitting twisted...

    This was the worst I have ever had. Thought of all of you with the knee postings of the weekend.....LOL. WHO TOLD MY DRAGON TO BITE ME IN THE KNEE!!!

    That is what I was thinking during the dark nite...laying on a couch to find a spot of pain free.....Even talked to God to lift the burden he added to the mix here...I was desperate to have today. I wanted to take them to the mall and on the merry go round they have there. BUT I don't know what I am doing.
    Myself last for sure. If not better for tomorrow I will get a DR appointment, but I have the meds and the knowledge for now. No sense to bother him. He will only say "What do you want from me"...."validation of my care?" So I will just stay the course and hope it is a fix.

    Funny how all were in trouble and now I have joined you. . Hmmmmm. I am the suspicious type who thinks people plot against her! Ha! Maybe my dragon read our posts and said...hey, let me bite her in the knee! She handles the other too well. This will get her. Y E S. This is crippling. Toilet is something I would love to stay away from....yikes, what a night.

    OK, preparing the girls for Disney in Florida and I have princess dresses to alter today and we have crafts to do with paint and glitter and PEZ dispensers of Snow White and Cinderella.....NEW crowns for their stuff.

    PUMP EM UP I say. Make it magical..and then i want to here all about it. Wisjh I could be a fly circling them and watching their faces with the magic. But Mimi is the one taking them..
    I will hear about it.

    OK, I am off for 2 days and the weekend for a break and I see I can't do the list of things I needed to finish, but I will make use of the time away. First is to shut off my brain who is worrying of the jobs at hand there.....crap, gone but not.

    Have a day that is as perfect as you can get it. I have out my chisel and am starting to get myself in repair. Open your toolboxes*!

    Hey Minnesota won the lottery........Hmmm anyone from the board? Wouldn't that be just amazing! Hugs, Nancy B
    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    OMG*****KNEES*****what on earth is going on here?

    Are we all talking ourselves into problems with the knees? I have to think....this is NOT a good thing at all. My MRI is not until next week. I am some better....but I truly think my right knee has had is finished. I hope I am wrong as I am not in no condition to move forward with having anything done right now. So I must find something else to *fix* the problem. I have to figure this out since we will have a new baby around Thanksgiving. Too much going on to have to *baby a bum knee as well*.

    OMG....Nana B....I am so sorry that you, too, have been *bit* by the dragon. I hope you get *settled down* soon.

    It is always *something*....just when I think I am getting better, something else happens....not a good way to live....I can assure you.

    I thought, that if I rested and took care of me....that indeed, things would get better. I am now wondering though *is this ever going to take place"? Not so sure. Time is ticking and I have a lot to do and it seems like it is no better than it has been. I am still struggling with the chronic fatigue.

    Yes....there were 3 lottery winners....3 lucky winners....
    What a nice surprise to wake up to this morning (or whenever they happen to discover their good fortune).

    I hope you have a better the day continues.

    Take care and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    booch007 replied to dollbug's response:
    If I won I would have shared with the fmily to be sure they had their meds and houses for my son's and took a bit of time off from the patients. BUT I still would have gone to work.....Nan

    Knee better with ortho shoes on and meds in...hoping to turn around by tonight...I can't think of that pain again tonight! YIKES... Nan
    missist replied to booch007's response:
    Good Evening all!

    Well i had an interesting day-- to me. Its our 32nd anniversary, so that's nice. ( I of course thought it was our 32nd 2 years ago, memory issues)

    Anyhow had some good news-- my youngest son got a job up in Wisconsin where he moved recently, so that's good news for him, not really me, but he should live his own life.

    I found out my blood pressure is holding so well that I can wait another 3 months before getting a new RX--and it is possible I will not need it. Just the diuretic.
    so that's fantastic. I went in with a lot of edema 2 weeks ago--and stopped the RX I was on at the time, It really made a difference. Edema is gone and so is about 70% of my overall stiffness.

    That was great news. Also dr wants me to walk 20 min. a day and use the mediteanean diet--which is not the same as the Zone diet that Devin S. reccommends- for fibro--I think the main thing is Zone has more fat -- at least that seems to be the biggy.

    so anyhow either of them is healthy I think, so I will go with the one Dr suggests.

    I was honestly going to find a new dr as of today--after the check up. But, I've been praying and thinking--and although I did not like some things--I have to admit-- I'm having less pain and stiffness and now lower blood pressure. I guess he is doing some things better for me than ANY of my former drs. So guess I'm gonna let that go. I don't go back for 3 mos.

    The only thing bad today is my quads are KILLING me after my workout yesterday. I love Classical Stretch--but 10 min. was too much. so pathetic.

    so tomorrow if my legs are feeling better I will start to walk as my dr suggested. I'm not sure--he says just get up in the morning and walk 10 min then walk back -- and that's 20.

    well.. you know.. when I get up in the morning I don't think I'd be able to walk up my driveway to get to the road for a walk. So.. I will modify that suggestion. After I'm done with morning stiffness and IF my quads are a little less painful--I will walk.

    Another thing I'm doing is planning to put more effort into my etsy shop. I noticed when I spent more time on it the past 2 weeks my sales increased a great deal. This week I was able to personally pay for all my gas and groceries. Made me feel good. It is a struggle for Hubby to foot the bill for 2 places, so I know that I have an opportunity do something I actually love to do, with all the time I need to work on it--no kids, no outside job-- for the first time in my life its ok to focus on my own ideas, skills etc. I may not make as much as a 'real' job but I bet I can get close eventually. Plus I am learning a lot about online marketing--and that has to be worth knowing.

    so anyhow that's my day. Now I'm in the recliner feet up as high as possible and Paco sleeping in his spot on the footrest between my feet. Mojo behind my chair on the floor. All is good.

    Best to all of you!
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good evening everybody. It sounds like all of us are down on our luck a bit today. I feel like I was run over by a garbage truck. I am greatful it didn't hit me until I got home from work. My youngest wanted nothing more than to do something with dad, but I had to sit for a bit and do nothing. When I got up a short time later I showered and that put me to sleep. I was pretty useless the rest of the day. We did manage to get to the store but that was all I could handle. Being Friday tomorrow, I may try to leave when I hit 40hrs instead of taking the OT. I hope it's a quiet day there.

    Mimi, the weather can't help. I hope it dries up for you and you get some real rest. I too am waiting for the day I wake rested. I has been some time.

    Nancy, I pray it gets better for you fast. I'm guessing you did too much with your crazy-strong work ethic. Take it easy OK?

    Mary, Happy 32nd! I am glad your doing better.

    I wish the guy from MN with the winning ticket was me, but I guess you have to but tickets to win. Silly right?

    To everyone, have a good night, and take care.

    booch007 replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    OH CORY...I was so hoping it was you!! When I saw him on TV I know what you look like so I was C R A P.....
    Wouldn't that have been something. OK , back to work .

    Got to be in it to win it right!...........Nan
    nononsenselady responded:
    Hi Mimi,

    I was just wondering how many fibromyalgia sufferers take strong pain medicines like hydrocodone? That is the only thing that helps me. The only reason I get them is because my psychiatrist prescribes them for me because I get so damn depressed when there is nothing that helps the pain. So basically he prescribes then as a sort of "antidepressant. I also take extra vitamin D and 2 other antidepressants. I get to aching so bad it takes over my brain and I just can't function and the hydrocodone make it possible to take my pain away just enough to at least go to work and get things done around the house. I meet with a "real" rheumotologist" next week and I am pretty sure she won't be happy that I take narcotics. Is anyone else taking these kind of meds?
    dollbug replied to nononsenselady's response:
    Hello and welcome...I do not think I have *talked* to you.

    I have tried different medicines but no strong pain medicines....and actually I have read that most doctors do not provide pain prescriptions for FM....since it is a chronic illness....instead of short term.

    I have had several different surgeries since I have had FM and I have problems trying to take the pain pills when I need them. I normally take them for a very short period of time...(2 days at most) and then stop. I do NOT like the way I feel when I take them.

    I have also tried taking anti depressants too....but I do NOT think that they helped me either. I took Prozac for a while, Pristiq for a while, Cymbalta and several other ones...which I can not remember at this time. I have also tried Gabapentin for a others...I no longer take anything prescribed...but I do have muscle relaxers that I take every so often. (when I think I need them).

    I now take vitamins and supplements and do other things as well. I have learned how to *control my FM pain* but have NOT found anything which helps with my chronic fatigue...but I continue to look for something.

    I do not work NOR could I work IF I took pain pills.

    I do know that in the beginning I had a lot of pain...but if I take my vitamins and supplements on schedule...I can pretty much control the pain.

    I do know that my doctor in the beginning thought that I was just depressed...and this is what he was treating me for. I have also done a sleep study and an FM study as well.

    I also have to sleep in a recliner....but not by choice.

    I hope this helps.

    I do know that we, FMers, must do whatever it takes to cope.

    Take care.


    BetteK replied to dollbug's response:

    They seem to be bothering a lot of us lately. Here's something that might ease a little bit of the pain and strain.

    Remember the position you were told to sleep in during pregnancy? (Or your wife was told to sleep in, Cory?) It was supposed to prevent back and hip pain, but it may also help those knees.

    Lay on your side. Have enough pillow power to support your neck and head. Bend your knees, and place a pillow between them. (I use a pillow that separates my knees and my ankles.) This prevents the weight of the top leg from squishing the bottom knee.

    Hey, it's worth a try.

    missist replied to BetteK's response:
    That helps also with sciatica and hip pain.

    My daughter actually told me that for sciatica and wow--it did work.

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