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    Saturday ****8/10/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC....I went to bed last night with computer problems and woke up again this morning with computer problems. Had to call the internet company to get reset. Makes me wonder exactly what is going on. With so much going on around the country no one really knows about these things. I know that my daughter had a *incident* which shocked her a couple of weeks ago. She told me that if she had not *seen it with her own eyes* should would have not believed it either. She was waiting on her DH to send her something on the computer and as she sat there she received something else in her mailbox. It entered and then was *sucked* right out again. It seems like someone else is *watching* her mailbox...she has also been getting regular mail which has been opened up and retaped...only some important pieces. It is quite odd just how much can happen when people do not expect it.

    OK...enough on my soapbox today. Here is hoping each of you had a good week....with lots of rest and good weather as well. I am still waiting on both here in NC. More rain is expected for the week-end.

    We had dinner last night together and my GD spilled drink all over her. She got really upset. Her clothes got wet and she was not happy. Things happen though and there is nothing you can do about it. It is especially interesting to have 3 children at the table. They all want to sit with each other. Someone has to be in the middle and then they tend to pick at another one. I can hardly wait until it is 4.

    I woke up too early and did not get enough sleep. I think I will be taking a nap soon.

    Knee still bothering me off and on and now my middle finger is also giving me problems....I was reading last might that our fingers can signal problems with the neck. OMG...I hope this is NOT my problem. It is odd just how our feet and hands can interact with other parts of our bodies. Everything is connected....which reminds me of the body song.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better.

    Vitamin D....this is my tip and so very important to a lot of sure and ask your doctor to check your level. Low Vitamin D can cause some people to have additional pain. I had read somewhere also that 85% of people tested have low levels. A doctor on Dr. Oz Show said that once the level was low it was *impossible* to get enough sun to get it back within the normal range.....that supplements would have to be taken and she was saying that 1000 iu should be taken once the level is back within normal range. I continue to read different opinions on just how people should cope with low Vitamin D.

    I am still taking my P5P as well for my lower back pain. This has really surprised me just how it has helped my back pain....I do not think I would have ever been told to *try this* for my back pain.
    So odd.

    That's all folks. I hope everyone has a good day with little to no pain today and all week-end as well. I hope you have some sunshine in your corner of the world as well.


    booch007 responded:
    Geez Mimi,
    Tell your body to cut it out.....My knee is about 75% better, just a bit of ache in the sundown moments and in bed if I lay wrong. I took 50mg of benadryl last night as I was NOT tired enough to be in bed! No work= no exhaustion!

    Slept with my mouth open I am sure and tortured the DH......

    LOL (not) I feel bad when I cut wood during the night. The knee wants me on my back and that is the worst for snoring.

    OK, I got all the errands done yesterday, nail, bank and shopping for the girls.....I got NB for Emily as Ashley said she had little for her to start out.

    Now she has more to play with and start her life.

    I realised that my Great Great Grandmother was an the inhertitance I have of hers will be passed to Emily (now) . I told my son who had no idea of this fact. See how life is circular........We also had a Violet and a Fanny (I have no idea what her real name was) but it is in my memories....Oh an EMMA too.

    Today is a regular day, going to drop off the costumes and recent buys to the girls later today.....I know they are homebound during nap time. It'll break up the chores for me.

    I had a good 2 days of ME-TIME. Did nothing but mope around, shop and primp me. Good stuff. Mental health days are important things.

    Cory, I worked nights for over 15 years and it is a memory I will keep forever. That nausea in the gut and numb feeling from lack of sleep.....but I loved it just the same. Couldn't wait for the sun to go down so I could think! Away from all the administration and the games they play. Just do the nike' !! I have a life time of memories. 3 Days will be doable I am sure. JUST rest right.

    Ok, fmily...enjoy this day. Hope the sun is out for you. Sunglasses on for the issues in life. Dodge and weave ..side to side to avoid getting hit in the head!!

    Good day....Nancy B
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Saturday MiMi, Nancy and to all those to follow. I hope your yesterday went well and that you didn't have fibro issues or pain to deal with.

    It's sunny here now, but rain will come, again. It's been weeks and weeks of rain and it's gotten old already! Coolest August on record here, ( coolest summer over all too ) over cast most days and always heavy rain at some point. Dodged rain and storms the whole time we were out last night for DH's birthday and I am so sick of trying to outrun thunder storms. I need a beach and sunshine.

    DH got a lot of phone calls and cards for his 67TH birthday yesterday. Took him out to eat but each time we thought of place it was packed and not worth an hour wait. So we had pizza at Whole Foods while shopping and headed home at around 9. Tonight he will have dinner, after church service, with two of our daughters and their families at a really nice restaurant called Cheaders.

    MiMi, sorry you were up too early today. I do hope there will be a few minutes in your day to take a nap and catch up with some sleep. And you are so right about neck problems causing hand issues.. numbness, tingling, etc. I have all that now and am going to a neurosurgeon on the 19TH to see what tests can be taken to pin point the disc or multiple discs that are either off, pinched or herniated causing my current migraines, hand and feet issues. I can't seem to win one. Last year it was ' something' wrong ( NOT) with my lungs.. this year, same time, something wrong with my neck. Ugrrr.

    Nancy, glad to hear your knee is so much better. Glad you had your Me Days and that you are feeling better.

    BettyK, there is a firm pillow that is made to do just what you mentioned in yesterday's post. It's cut just so it can put the knees at a place where the spin is where it should be during sleep. I have one and it works very well and I use at times, like now, when I am having neck issues. I also have a pillow that is rock firm and designed, cut and grooved, to keep the neck aligned during sleep. My PCP had me buy one a few days ago and it's working well and is helping me at night from moving my neck and waking up stiff.

    Cory, I used to work nights too. I liked working nights, some people just hate it, but for me it was do able and interesting. No heavy traffic going home, no office bosses coming thru to look over my shoulder and some of the most fun and interesting people I've ever know worked the night shift.

    Okay all, will close this post here.. wishing each of you a nice weekend with family and friends. Have days of sunshine and good times.
    Gentle Hugs, Linda R.
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning everyone. It is absolutely gorgeous here today. Low humidity and 66 right now. There is a light breeze and lots of sun. This is the kind of weather that usually makes me feel good, and I do today. I'm a little stiff but have far less fatigue than I have in weeks.

    We are going to a local car show today. It will be fun to see all the classics out. If I had the space and money I think I would have a rather large car collection. I have always been a gearhead.

    Mimi, I hope you get some rest!

    My body does not like shift work anymore. I do like the atmosphere. There are so many less people around, it's quiet and there is lots of time to think.

    I hope you all have a great day.

    missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    hi all.. late again.

    I'm doing ok. I kind of think that Vitamin B1 did something really good for me- just really have more energy than usual. I did nap today a little but most days I haven't. I think I was tired from my 10 min. exercise 2 days in a row. My legs are almost better from the 1st day. boy it was hard to walk! but I decided if my bottom half hurt I'd work out the top half--so that's what I did.

    Today I skipped--but I'm babysitting my grand-dawgs this weekend and I've been busy enough.

    Work at night-- I used to work 2nd shift and loved it back before I got fibro--began with an injury at work. I tried 3rd shift once and it was awful! My son-in-law does it, and barely sleeps which even at his young age would have knocked me out.

    Anyhow hope everyone's knees feel better soon. and pcs are working better, etc.

    I joined a website to help me do that Zone Diet that is in the Fibromyalgia Advocate book. My daughter works at a used bookstore so she got me a book on it--but I needed more. has a recipe builder tool and you do pay for it but it is about 8 times less than weight watchers.
    I started the diet-- with just a little cheat this evening-I have some popcorn.

    At first I really hated the website cuz I did not understand at all how it all worked. I made up my mind to try it again this morning and it all made much more sense.

    I'm a big 'Aldi' shopper-- love that small little cut rate grocery store that I can do my shopping in so fast. they had big digital scales this week for 9.99 so I picked one up and it works. (was just weighed at dr so I know)

    so I'm working on getting as well as possible.

    I'm also working on making my etsy shop more profitable and i made myself the goal of being able to pay all my own bills; buy groceries and gas etc, for myself with my own money. I have done pretty good toward that goal lately. I do not pay my mortgage though. Hubby will get that. He is making way more than me. Anyhow so I think this is a good idea for me to have a goal that I can work on. I'm more interested in working and I have had more sales since I"m more involved.

    If you all haven't seen my etsy shop its

    Anyhow--i have to go let the grand-dawgs and my dawgs in. I know my daugther's family is coming home tonight I sort of hope they'll stop by for the dogs but Im pretty sure they are mine til morning.

    Which is fine.

    God bless All!
    booch007 replied to missist's response:
    Good morning,

    What IS Etsy? I looked at the site and I saw all wooden things, things for a wedding.....I know my DIL's sisters used it for an amazing Baby Shower. So What is it and how does it work?

    Use a separate post to bring the elders here up to speed. I know it is a hot site.

    Were those your things? Things you made? I don't get it.

    I had to laugh about the zone diet site.....that would be me. I haven't joined an on line diet thing for the same reason. Understanding it. Remember that with any diet it is consistancy that gets you to goal. If you cheat, you are back to day one in getting into burn mode. This is how the diets fail.

    BE PASSIONATE to find you.

    We all need to figure out so many things about ourselves, right? What are my wants in life, where am I headed, who is important, is my health where I want it to be? Heavy stuff....
    I must be in midlife crisis! Good luck with the zone.

    So explain etsy to me please....I like being the Nana that is up on stuff. Nancy B
    missist replied to booch007's response:
    Nancy B-- I answered the what is etsy question in todays Morning post.

    the wood things you saw--are mine. but you only saw my little shop- there thousands of little shops on etsy.

    also about the diet-- I'm struggling. I think I enjoy cooking too much to parse meals this way. I don't usually do all this minute measuring and i'm not convinced its the way to go--but I paid for it. Knock myself in the head!

    Juries still out I guess... I hate to not use something if I pay for it.


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