Dr Devin Starlanyl
booch007 posted:
Well you all know my feelings for these books that she has written and tools within. There is a new book of HEALING WITH TRIGGER POINT INJECTIONS" being released to amazon.com on AUGUST 27th. I just ordered it as this is my main modality to function.

I was buying other books and in the suggetion arena was this! A surprise and a joy to see. I didn't even look at the cost.....just I know I will learn more. I bring all these to the neurologist to read as well. her getting better only helps me.

In speaking of trigger point injections, Travelle and Simmons is the text book for Physicians. She was President Kennedy's White House Physicain and kept him from a wheel chair assisting in his known back issues.

OK, just sharing a new book coming on the market to help....

Nancy B
missist responded:
Thanks Nancy B.
I"ve been thinking about that a lot lately. I'm not sure I could find a doctor that would do, but it is going on my prayer list. We shall see..