knots in my arms
tranquilitylkt posted:
does any one else have this? the drs don't seem to think its part of my fm. but, that's the first thing that started and then other symptoms started showing up......I started getting knots in my right arm and now they are in both arms they took ultrasounds of the area and say the knots are not in the muscle tissue but, sitting on top of them..they are terribly painfull....
missist responded:
Hi.. I have bumpy spots when my muscles are inflamed--or where there is myofascial problems but I don't think I would describe quite the ay you do--and it was not a 'first symptom' for me.

I'm sure they probably checked you for lupus right? (although you may need re-testing for that sometimes)

did your doctors give an opinion what they think it is?
BetteK responded:
After you have been retested for lupus, you might try trigger point injections into your "knots."

I get them about every 3 weeks for myofascial pain in those places where the muscles are all tight. Muscle relaxants like Flexeril help too.

Hope some of this helps.