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Electronic Nerve Stimulator is OUT!
bette_kaffitz posted:
There are no longer any electrodes, wires, or power pack stuck in my back. Hooray! It would have been nice if it had blocked the pain at waist level, but starting at hip level and down made the whole thing just a PAIN in those hips. Or therabouts.

And the difference between today and Oct. of 2011 is amazing!

THEN, I was "supported by a football helmet for my head and an upside down, tweed-carpeted boot for my pelvis and a lot of air and gravity in between. (Did a painful number on 35 year old adhesions from gall bladder removal the old way.)

Today, there was a nice, sturdy operating table with lots of comfortable pillows to position me for surgery.

Then, I woke up in level 8 to 9 abdominal pain which lasted 6 weeks and 10 days with no bowel movements.

Today, the only new pain was that tugging you get when your movements pull on new stitches. Level 6, but only while the stitches are actually being stretched.

Then the nurses ignored my statement that I was in a lot of pain.

Today, they asked me at least 6 times. The doc (same doc, same hospital) said I could use my current pain meds AND gave me some different ones to use in between doses.

And there's no 2 1/2" (power pack) paddle-shaped piece of hard plastic to wake me up if I roll over on it in my sleep.

Back to square one, but I took the chance that the permanent ENS could REMOVE that pain the way that the temporary/trial one did.

Try anything once! That's my motto with FM.

dollbug responded:
Hello Bette....I hope you recover quickly and that your pain will be better or at least you will be able to manage it better.

We, FMers, never know until we *try things* how it may or may not affect us.

I see you have changed your user id.

Take care and good luck.


booch007 responded:
Oh Bette,

As you said in another post, we will try anything once to see if it is beneficial in being better.

As I look back on my own path it has been a long walk and my denial that this is for starting to fade. I just have to get smarter than I am and stop sabatoging(sp?) myself to get into trouble. I can be my own worst enemy.

Sound like this was a big step....glad it is out as it made your life more challenged. Hope better comes to you soon. Mental relief can be just as great as the physical following behind it.

Rest and *move at the same time...LOL........Nancy B

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