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    reality check
    TurtleRunnerNC posted:
    So. Knowing we were going back to school shopping yesterday I skipped my run. Didn't want to over do it and flare worse.

    Well, spent 5 hours at the mall. Yes 5. Ugh. Hourish drive there and back (live in the sticks) . Felt like hell at that point. But..... I wasn't done. I still had to take my daughter to her pet sitting job ( she is 13 so she can't take herself. She is cat, chicken and duck sitting for a family from church) then drive 20 min to pick her friend up for a sleepover. Stop at the grocery store on the way home and do laundry.

    I was in agony all night and still this morning. Even my hands, feet and back hurt. Even my calves are angry. Every time my husband moved in bed and the bed moved shoots of pain would go through my legs. I got into the hot tub first thing this morning and it has dialed it down a few notches but I'm in so much pain. Can't call out from work as i have way too much to do. I'm working from home so I can try to get some rest but not sure how much with the pain level.

    I'm so sad that a shopping trio that should have been fun simply destroyed me.

    On a good note I feel much better only taking half dose of the Trazodone for sleep. Not so groggy this morning. Also, my Savella Titration pack should be in this afternoon so I can start that today. Wish me luck.

    katmandulou responded:
    Hi Turtle!

    I can relate. I've gone on all kinds of jaunts while feeling good that have flattened me. I think shopping - especially mall shopping - hurts because of the concrete floors. Outdoor malls aren't as bad for me, probably because I'm getting fresh air. That's what I tell DH, and he buys it. LOL

    Wish you a pain-free afternoon!
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Turtle, MiMi in NC....I think we all can relate to what you are most of us have been there and done that. It is indeed a process and a very hard and long process to figure out just what you can do and how much BEFORE you cross the line.

    I laugh when I think about this as the first year during Thanksgiving Holiday....I had pushed myself to the limit and I was in the middle of preparing the meal. I crossed the line and it was NOT a good thing at all....but it sure opened up my eyes to know that I could NOT and would NOT do this again. So with each *experience*....we learn a very valuable to do better next time.

    There is no doubt about this....when we overdo....we will surely matter what. So you have to be the judge of just how much you can and will push yourself and then how you feel....and only you can do this.

    I hope you will be able to rest today and feel better soon.

    I also hope that you have filled out your FMLA your job, just in case you need time off.

    Take care and good luck.


    TurtleRunnerNC replied to dollbug's response:
    Thank Mimi.
    I have not even told work yet. A few friends that i work with know. I'm afraid to. My job is mentally taxing and sometimes physically taxing. I worry about my future as I am primary bread winner. Ugh. Too much to think about.

    Here is my other issue. I am the only one doing my job for 6 counties. If I miss a day sick, any work waits for me. This makes taking off more stressful than sucking it up and working most of the time.

    Is it best to let HR know and get my FMLA in line?
    dollbug replied to TurtleRunnerNC's response:
    Hello Turtle....I would indeed contact HR and get the paperwork lined up....doing so does not mean you are going to use it....but it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and no have it. I would hope that any and all information would be it SHOULD be.

    I think you being the primary bread winner it is really important that you do this. I would only provide them with just what they NEED to more. The paperwork should protect your job, just in case you have to take some time off.

    I worked in a loan servicing company....and did computer work. Paid insurance on mortgage loans....I disbursed millions of dollars every week. For a long time I was the only person who did this until finally the company decided that I needed a back up. No one else knew my job either. It is sad to say but I had to self teach myself the *proper process so that I could do the work efficiently and accurately.....(without making a lot of mistakes and causing other very costly errors as well)

    I hope you can find something that will help you cope better soon. As you probably already know.....stress is NOT good for us try to limit as much stress as you possibly can.

    Take care and good luck.


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