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pain between shoulder and spine
Shannon_Darlene posted:
Hello everyone looking for some advise. Last August (2012 ) I had an onset of pain on my right side between my spine and shoulder . it is a constant deep aching , burning , tightness that worsens in the afternoon to evening . It worsens after doing dishes hanging clothes any movement that requires my arms in front or above head. It fills temporary a little better with stretching , massage , heat and ice. I've done lots of research seen multiple doctors and tried numerous therapys. I have yet to find a reason to my mystery pain or treatment . I was not injured or anything. I have good posture and am not overweight. Deep. deep massage feels really good and does not cause any pain . ( trigger points cause reffered pain ) . Right ? . Myofascial pain is trigger points ? I do not have 11/18 tender points for fibromyalgia . however I do have low energy . X-rays for my ribs look good x rays of my shoulder look good . I took four months of to get out of the office and of the computer to see if that what the cause of my pain was no relief. I have had steroid injections no relief. All sorts of muscle relaxers pain killers . Anti deppresents. Only helpful thing I've had was two toroidal injections those provided seven or so days of relief. I have not tried I chiropractor due to the cost and my health insurance does not cover it. I know a veritable or rib or there good be a joint dysfunction does anyone have any advise or other ideas of what could be causing this pain. Please any thing would help .
TurtleRunnerNC responded:
Wish I had advice for you.. have they done an MRI?
Anon_10089 responded:

I have had a pain like what yours sounds like for years. Mine is caused from a scoliosis in that area. I have only ever had chiropractors treat me. I still have the pain when I walk a lot or do any activity for awhile that involves my arms. Massage, heat, bengay patches over it also help.

Look for chiropractors on Groupon. I was able to have an initial appointment and a massage for $35. If you can shuffle funds around for a chiropractor, you might get some relief.
franr responded:
Dear Shannon
I also experience that deep burning,stabbing pain between my two shoulders and going down my spine. This went on for 10-12 weeks.It was worse in the afternoon and evening.At the time of this flareup I had severe insomnia,The med I was on for 20 years stop working.(Klonapin) and after many different drugs that didn't work my new pain management MD put me on a drug that put me in a deep sleep. After 5 days the pain disapated.And I went into remission.Pain management told me the pain was coming from end of each spinal segment. I also take Grailse which is a long acting neurotin which also helps. So don't give up .There an answer out there for you. Fran
Shannon_Darlene responded:
Alright, I have had no relief with thoriac injections . Also I went to to a physical therapy and they turned me away because they said there was nothing that he could diagnosis . Does anyone know why extremely deep deep presure would help relieve the pain temporarily for example my husbands elbow with all his weight in my rhomboid or putting a golf ball inder the upper back and ttying to apply all my weight . Please if you have any insight I would really apreciatr it !

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