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Sunday ****8/25/2013 ****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily....MiMi in NC....and the sun is shining here in is a bit cool though but at least it does not look like rain. It has been a very weird and strange summer this year....much too damp and much too short....but here we are getting close to the end of summer and I wonder exactly where it went. So hard to believe that school is starting Monday for most of the public schools here. I am glad it has cooled down some and I hope we have a nice long (normal) fall....whatever *normal* might be.

I am still having knee issues....I wanted to speak to my doctor about what is going on before I have an appointment with any other doctor....but I have not heard from unlike him to not return my request....perhaps it just got lost in the office somehow. I guess I will call and leave another message next week.

Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all with little to no pain. I know there are several people with some sort of issue or another going on....I hope things will soon work out for the best for everyone. I know just how stressful things might get when we are dealing try to limit the stress as much as the body and mind will surely like it better.

My younger son made a bunk bed for my GS. He did a wonderful job on it. I do worry though since it is quite high....I hope he will be really careful on getting on and off. I guess it kind of worries me when he first wakes up and tries to get down. There is a platform for him to climb down on. My son built it to fit one room and when he was finished it was decided that it needed to go into another he had to make some adjustments to it so it would fit in the other room. It is interesting trying to get ready for a new baby to arrive. I remember those days.

We are indeed all excited and I continue to hope and pray that everything goes well with this little one. The doctors are still watching my DIL's progress carefully....just in case.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group recently. I am sure that soon each of you will find the *right combination of tools* that will make an improvement to your health. It does take a trial and error process which requires time. Hang out with us here and learn all you can about how and what other FMers have found that has helped them cope better. You should remember though that what helps one may or may not help you. You have to decide exactly what is helping you.

For me, it is vitamins and supplements and doing other things as well. A heating pad is a good friend....a hot shower using lavender bath salts helps the body to relax right before that I can sleep better. Drinking lots of water each day and watching what I eat....and keeping a schedule of sorts also helps me cope better. Making sure that I pace, pace and pace even more is also something that I continue to try to do.

I have chronic fatigue and some days it is worse than others. I am still in the process of trying to find a good *tool* to make this better. I am sure that there is something out there that will indeed help it....just have to figure out what it might be.

I do hope each of you can enjoy the warmth of the sunshine it good for both the mind and the body as well.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


booch007 responded:
Good morning Mimi and Fmily,

Yes the summer is coming to a close.....I missed it totally this year, I am hoping for a good one next year. I am ending it with a good BarBQ, needed a project to get me motivated here at the house. Things are looking good already...just a bit more tune up and I am set. Got the menu planned and the rest will just happen.

Funny how everyone was able to come but my children.....I am learning you don't live you life or hopes through your children. Not to expect*...that is the key to not being disappointed.

I need to get going with other interests for me. You know how we all pull in because of this condition of ours.....well my contracted state has distanced me from many over the years. No one wants to play with the one who "can't" or if they push you , you are huritng bad after. You weigh what is the benefit to the effort made. Many times it was an awful place I was in.

So, got to get busy for the future. Get time spent well.

Many here also say, we who to live and live to work. can take all you have for the day, just to get the day done. . We live a balance act.

This A.M. it is 52* out to start the day...good stuff, my kind of tempreture. Invigorating. We ate on the deck last night and I was surprised that no flies joined the dinner. In August it is fly season and no meal is complete without them! Where are they? So much different then used to be.

My humming bird is here...I have 2 feeders ready and I saw him/her yesterday...I am so excited, it is years that I am trying to have them stop by here. I have many plaques and even the mirror in the car has a humming bird hanging from it. So beautiful...
just love them.

OK, I am in considerable pain from my neck, I left and did little yesterday. Tried a massage and it did nothing to assist this. I was hopeful that sleep would reset the neck, I woke up with this yesterday. (Yes I crossed the line on Thursday when I took off....) As Bette said..I did 3 triggers and then even a fourth if serving 4 for dinner was in there. C R A P. I was feeling so good from an extra visit of shots(wed)...had on a great outfit and with my haircut (short) I looked pretty good so I was on a roll. YEAH..I rolled right off the table!! Hit the floor and am on the edge of a sewer right now. I can't turn the head to the left even a bit...I have a knife in there and it sticks me bad....

The massage was true to tell me the trigger point to this is also in between the wings (scapulae) she couldn't pass over that without a moan out of me. BUT it got better as she worked. I also notice her hands get hot working on me. In hospice this was considered energy transfer. I know she has good intenetion* when she tries to help me. Interesting. But it didn't break this.

Here is hoping being at work tomarrow will distract me to a reset ? Hmm hoping.Shots in 2 weeks, a long time to wait.
OK....getting ready for fall here in my head...our school opens in 2 weeks and I am next to our high school and middle school so bustle bustle. I love FALL.

Have a good day all, a low pain day is wished for you all. Nancy B
rudyandirmouse responded:
Gbod morning all. I do hope your Sunday is a nice one and that you are feeling well with little to no fibro issues or pain. I don't have a lot to post about today just wanted to log on and say hello to everyone.

It's warm here, 90's, with plenty of sunshine, no clouds and no rain threats. Yea that.

MIMi I do hope that your knees begin to feel better quickly and that your doctor called you back the reason why they hurt and how to make me better.

Nancy, we have about 6 Humming Birds. 3 in the front in about three maybe 4 that zip around our yard quickly as they can going from feeder to feeder. I'm really going to miss them when they head south. By that time I will have gotten so used to them that it will break my heart see they're not with us. anymore.

Heading out the door to afternoon Latin Mass so will close this here with best wishes for a great day free of fibro issues or pain. Gentle hugs to all, Linda R
katmandulou responded:
Super Sunday!

Another sunny cool day here, and I understand wanting the summer to end, but not yet - summer has another month! I'm a mid-September baby, and I always say sumer's not over til I've had my birthday. So there! LOL

Feeling a little better today, had a nice relaxing day with DH. I saw Mom and Dad yesterday, Mom was stressed by another patient. I had to tell the woman to leave Mom alone. She was pushing Mom in the Merry Walker (quite a contraption - see here:, and Mom wanted to stop. I'm glad I chased the other woman off, and we had a nice visit. I brought life savers and chocolate.

Dad is getting better day by day. They found his cell phone, but not the battery. I told him earlier this week that we had suspended the service, and he yelled at me "that's why I can't talk to my sister!" I remind him that the phone was missing, and I didn't need to get a bill for calls to other countries. The staff tells me he's nice and polite with them. One of these days he's gonna yell at me and I'll either yell back or smack him.

DH is making dinner, and it's just about done. Gonna get a fork and wait. I don't know when I'll be back next, so I wish you all the best Sunday - and the best week - you can possibly have!
mnjeepguy responded:
Good afternoon. Just a quick check in here before work. I think the coolest it was in the mill last night was 90. It was far hotter in some areas. I was lucky it was a quiet night. One down, two to go. My hearing is improving some and the ringing as well. I am very greatful. I am off Flexeril and the back has settled down. It hit 94 this afternoon. That means around 100 on the floor in the mill and in the 110-120 range in some work areas. Ick! Lots of water....

I hope you all have a good night.


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