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We need a medical advisor
bette_kaffitz posted:
Hi Everyone,

It's been quite a while since Dr. Pellegrino stopped advising us here on the Fibromyalgia Community. I sent a post to the folks at WebMD today requesting some support. Most of the time, we do okay just helping each other, but every now and then something important comes up where a doctor's help would be invaluable.

Here's my e-mail:

From: Elizabeth Kaffitz <>[br>To: WebMD Customer Care Team <>[br>Cc: [br>Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 13:48:12 -0400[br>Subject: Re: Welcome to WebMD - email verification required[br>Sorry to be so late in replying. Recovering from back surgery. Ouch. Your Fibromyalgia Community Board needs a medical advisor. There are a lot of us. Too often, we are treated like hysterical, old, fat women with nothing else to do with their time but complain. When my FM began, I was a young, slim mother with a late pregnancy backache that has never left. The baby is now 41. So is the fibro.

This "fat, bored female" started college, earned 3 degrees, taught handicapped adults for 11 years, and finally went on disability when pain, double vision, and "fibrofog" compromised my teaching ability. This is real. It is a disease identified by fMRI and changes in the spinal fluid.

We need guidance.

Bette Kaffitz

What do you think? Would a weekly--or even monthly--post by an expert in the field help YOU?

booch007 responded:
Hey Bette,

You are right that there are times "physician assistance" would be great. But for years they were without. This being a support page...meaning us* we support eachother as we walk down this road, all sharing their experiences and in that, guiding someone to the PMD they see for help with a tough one...

It is the best to know we have a crowd behind us. To have someone is good medicine in itself.

See how we lost MODERATOR and PHYSICIAN in such a short time. Had to be $$$ driven. It is > 13 years I am here and we had many arguments here....and many really suffering people. It was a time of sunshine while he was here and I feel so lucky I was here to experience it. His humor and knowing he too struggles with this was a bonus. He truly was wise. Not just a physician.

You can always ask, but I think the efforts will not be fruitful. Years back the moderator was so needed as we had real post issues and arguments going on between people.....Hnmm.

So that's my thoughts. Good luck with this campaign.
Nancy B .
rudyandirmouse responded:
I don't think the powers that be here at WebMD are going to get us a Physician or moderator back just because someone asked for it.

They were taken off the site because of $$$ and they won't come back until there's $$$ to pay them again.

As nice as it was to have them here we've managed to get along very nicely without them these many months, and as everyone did for years before they were added to the site.

Linda R

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