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still can't post on messages... message to Fri post
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
Hey let's give this a hardy try... seems I can't answer on any post now... I have done everything possible here... Maybe you just don't like me no more lol... Outside of my lousy "N" not working till it kills my finger my computer comes up clean... Every other place works fine... I am so at loss... But it seems fine for you all... My computer being naughty... lol... Just trying to separate me from all my lovely supporters... lol lol lol

Had another rough night... fell asleep on the patio and slept well there... Perhaps I need to go live in a tent a while... In solitude or something lol... My best friend came over and I took us out to supper for a while... I didn't feel like going in when we got there so we took our food home... But before supper we went to get gas and went for a drive... Actually we got lost looking for Burger King lol... lol.. So she called it our cruising the scenic route lol... She is so funny...

I have few plans for today... except that I am on a dangerous antibiotic and have to watch this ankle that just started swelling and the fact that I am having a hard time swallowing... They are two problems on the scary list of side effects of the meds... I have ever heard of it... You only take it once a day and it is suppose to be one of the best... but with all my problems and weak tendons already the way it can stress and tear my tendons has me worried...

Levofloxacin is the name of it... When I read about it I almost refused to take it... It scared me to be that possibly injured by a pill... I called the pharmacist to give him a list of my psych meds so to make sure it was even safe to take it... We actually aren't sure about one of them so the dr said to discontinue the psych med a few days... I am only on the antibiotic 10 days but I think it might be a long 10 days... 9 now...

It is the best to do the best job... I need the best... But when you are told it can do tendon damage months from now and you are in my condition you don't want to hear it...

Oh... Heck... I am just darn right scared... but as time goes buy and I manage to not get much sicker I feel mentally calmer...

Well I have phone calls to make and rest to be getting... You all take care... Love... Jan/Dakota
bette_kaffitz responded:

Don't you just love the whole unpredictable experience of fibro? You know you're going to hurt, but where? You know that med helps some people, but will it help you? And now, "This medicine can cause permanent damage to some patients." Will you be one of the lucky ones?

Only time will tell. But worrying about something that may not happen doesn't do anyone any good. Do all the usual stuff of letting the meds heal you. Expect a good outcome. That's what we all hope for you. And if wishing makes it so. . . .

About your posting problems, almost all my many, many, many (and a few more manys) problem when I switched from Internet Explorer to Google Chrome for my search engine. And I thought it was a HughesNet satelite problem!


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