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Preventing a Flareup
bette_kaffitz posted:
Are there things you can share with the rest of us that you feel can prevent a flareup of you fibro pain?

I know what helps me (more below), but would love to know if any of you have found ways to head off pain before it starts.

What works for me

  • Take a muscle relaxer like flexeril NOW.
  • Take your pain medicine. If it is something you only take during a flare, take it BEFORE that pain-inducing activity.
  • Use your sleep aid--again before the flare-causing activity.
  • Remember to have your warm bath/shower 2 X a day.
  • Destress as much as possible.

In short, do all your usual in-the-middle-of-a-flareup stuff before you actually flare up.

Now, tell me what prevents your flares.

missist responded:
I think I find I feel best if I keep regular hours--get enough sleep, get some exercise-- just a little goes a long way. Make sure I have all my RXs filled and use them on time each day-- big help.
Avoid too much stress or over work.

its not fool proof--but Im doing better than I used to.
bette_kaffitz replied to missist's response:
Gosh you've learned a lot, Mary.

Now open your bag of tricks and prevent your next flareup--or at least try. Let us know how it worked this time.

A success here can be built upon--by you and by the rest of us.

This is pure behavioral research. And it is your body you are researching. Super isn't it!

Who would have believed that your illness could contribute to all of our cures.

But it can.


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