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    Saturday *****8/31/2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Last day of August.....can you believe it? MiMi in NC...and I think it is going to be a nice day....perhaps without rain. DH and I are planning to go to our older son's house to help him clean the gutters....he lives in the woods and has lots of trees around him which collects all kinds of stuff in the gutters. I hope once we clean them out we can put something on them to help keep them clean. I have seen several things used for this. The other day at Sam's I saw something new which looked like foam. I guess we will see how much is in them before we decide what to do.
    We have an outside table and chairs that we are also going to take with us.

    I have an early appointment for CoCo at the vet to get his shots today as well. This will be interesting as he hates to go. Not a good thing to start the day but at least it will soon be over. He is a moody dog when he wants to be.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good week. I am glad that it is over. I hope everyone will have a good week-end with lots of sunshine to enjoy.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find your combination of tools which will make a difference in the way you survive each day. It does take a trial and error process to find what will work best for all of us so hang in there and continue to try different things.

    You should also remember that what works for one may or may not work for another. It also takes at least 6-8 weeks of doing whatever you decide to try before you can truly feel the full potential of what something might do. There are no quick fixes that I am aware of. Everything takes time.

    Vitamin D.....ask your doctor to check this for you the next time you see him/her. As for me I am so surprised at how much P5P has made a difference in my life. No more lower back pain for me at this time. So odd that this worked for me. I still do not quite understand just how it works but I know it does and that is what is important.

    We, FMers, must do whatever it takes to face the wrath of the dragon each day. As Nana B says....we have to learn to *dance with the dragon instead of draggin the dragon* is so much better to cope this way.

    That's all folks. Have a great day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    booch007 responded:
    Morning Mimi and Fmily,

    Ohhhhh I have a list for today. The project of having this BarBQ is overwhelming with no one here with me to help. I need 4 arms! My mind changes what I am doing all the time.

    Out--IN. The weather in NY is so iffy as Canada is sending down rain right now...I wish the cool air was with it!.!

    I was with the girls last night, what great medicine they are! Olivia saw my other DIL as a suprise visit and she looked at the pregnant belly.....Hmm Laurie says don't you remember when Madelyn was in there...." Mommy what does she do in there?" Sleeps mostly......." WHAT do you have a bed in there Aunt Ashley!!" !@##! I almost wet my pants! I was laughing so hard!

    We NEED Art lInkletter back with children say the darndest things! No more "reality"! These kids are precious and look at the world so simple and our language with concrete forms....

    Cece, I loved the church sermon talking of more than 2 options in the limits... It was an ah ha moment. I bet many felt that way. Positive preaching is good stuff.....I love when a light goes on. There should be more.

    Here a positive light is good but we work by sharing our negatives for answers and help.....

    OK, off to a major event plan, that I set for myself. Inside and out cared for today and tonight precook alot of the meal and in is Tortellini salad, String beans with garlic and EVO, corn on the cob, Bliss Potatoes seasoned with herbs, potaoe Salad, Qinuos Salad (keenwa) being brought. Hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, spare ribs and pulled pork.
    Steaks if I need. Oh and garden salad from our garden.

    OK who's coming????

    We have a jump castle, bubble machine***, sand box x2, swings, slides, Bocce ball court, the pool. Wiffle ball on the upper lawn...........and without wanting it "maybe rain". I feel if they drink one will mind the rain or notice?!!

    OK who's in?????? 3pm til........Can you can here in time. Nothing like a party to pick you up. ( and knock you down joy is the planning of the tricks I do..( I have the party before the party....that is the medicine*)

    Ok, off to the work at hand. A good day to all, a low pain day to most...and those in trouble...use your toolbox and cirlce a round it a couple of times. It doesn't always work the first time.

    Nancy B .
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Happy Labor Day MiMi, Nancy and all that follow. I hope you've got plans for this three day, last big holiday of the summer.

    It will be hot here this weekend and maybe rain on Monday. Nice weather to close out August and enter into September. So may people that live on my block have their boats out and are heading to the lakes around us. Would love to have spent this last holiday in the warm weather out at the lake too but DH has to work so no plans for us. Church service this evening and dinner with DD and family tonight and then home Sunday.

    I called the neurosurgeon office at nine yesterday morning and asked for my test results. I got put on hold, said they'd call back and yes they did, 3 hours later! The tests, so they say, show normal everything.. which is good news, but what's causing the neck pain, headaches / migraines? I was told I'd get another call back no later than Wed afternoon with a definitive answer. UGH.

    I have to be on a plane on the 18TH to LA and then onto Oahu, HI and I just can't get a migraine out of the blue while trying to board a plane or while on the planes. I do so hope they have some kind of PT set up for at least a few days this month to help stabilize the neck somewhat before I leave. Why does my life have to be so complicated?

    angelswife.. so beyond happy to hear the news about the medical leave. 120 days paid and medical coverage..YES, prayers do get answered. But sorry your DH will have surgery, but he'll feel so much better afterwards,

    Cory, hope things are better for you today.. ear and job. Thought about you yesterday and hoped that things were changing for the better there for you.

    Nancy, you do have your hands full with the BBQ.. wish some of us here were there to lend a hand and, yes, share a meal with you.
    FOTFL laughing when I read what your granddaughter said about a bed being in there. Too funny, yes little ones do say the cutest things. I will remember that for a long while with a smile.

    Jan, hope you are able to post here and I knowing how full your plate is I do so hope that you are feeling better today.

    Mary, do enjoy the lake this weekend.. I'll be thinking about you.

    Closing this here with best wishes all around for a wonderful weekend. Gentle hugs, Linda R
    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning everyone. It is quiet and the house is dark, as the DW has a migraine. She is a very good student but stresses herself with worry and it gives her migraines. I do what I can to alleviate her stress, but it takes a toll eventually.

    I woke feeling pretty good this am. I have a lot I can do today but I have to choose something. I can clean the basement, fix the trim around the front door, clean the red iron ore dust out of the Jeep, or maybe just take the bike for a ride. I am undecided at this point.

    I bit the bullet and put our road bikes up for sale. They have hung in the basement for 2 years without use. They are really nice and someone needs to enjoy them. I am sticking with the comfort of the mountain bike from now on.

    Nancy, the BBQ sounds great. Enjoy, and pace.

    Linda, isn't it nice when they give you a clean bill of health but frustrating when they tell you they can't find the cause of our pain? I hope you get more answers.

    Mimi, don't forget to pace as well.

    Take care everyone and enjoy the day.

    fibroinsd responded:
    morning.. and humid here..not like our normal temps at all..I am very uncomfortable..but hopefully this won't hang around..

    DH is going to go volunteer at the church thrift shop this morning..and then we will go work out this afternoon..other than other plans other than doing has gotten rather backed up..

    No real plans for the three day weekend friend from work says she is going to Idelwild for the weekend..should be so nice and cool up there...they had big fires near there this hope where she is is still beautiful..Sure wish I had made some plans..but I will be taking care of mom and dad on Monday, as the caregiver gets the day off...and if we had someone come in, it would be time and a half...just too much money ! glad to hear you are getting to go to Hawaii...should be a great time of the year to be there..and I know you will enjoy family there.

    Linda...I have had such neck pains lately...if you find anything that helps..let me know!

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright
    rudyandirmouse replied to fibroinsd's response:
    cece, I promise, if I find anything that will help with the neck pain I will send it right on to you. And yes I'm really looking forward to some time away from here. I feel landlocked being from where there was an ocean just over the hill, to where I have to go hunting for some waves not liking it.

    Hope you'll be able to get some much needed rest over this long weekend. I think of you each day when I hear about San Diego sports teams and of course the Ducks. Gentle hugs to you dear friend Linda R
    angelswife responded:
    Hi All,
    I've spent the last hour and a half untangling Husband's computer woes. He was trying to send an email to let our friends know we'd been hacked and had to get new emails, and the computer kept throwing up an "undeliverable" message. So he got frustrated and gave up. I had to work hard not to laugh when I opened my email and saw his had been sent to me EIGHT TIMES, oy. So I had to compose an appology email for everyone in has address book and send it out. I am sure everyone is scratching their heads and (hopefully) laughing right now!

    I worked this morning. I'm happy to say that after next Monday, my "problem client" will no longer be a client, at least for the forseeable future. She is going away for a month and has decided not to have me come while she's gone. When she comes back in October, Husband will be a week past his surgery, so I suspect my work will be curtailed anyway. Now I can put my Friday client onto Tuesdays and I'll have three days off every week. YAY!!

    There is so much to do before Husband's surgery, though, that I need the time off to get it all done. I learned a few things from my being laid up last year, and my list is a mile long. One of the top items on it is renting a potty seat. Another is giving the place a super cleaning so it won't matter as much if I can't keep up with it later. (I will be the full-time caregiver/cook/chauffeur). Also stocking up on groceries as I can and compiling a list of easy-to-make, healthy meals. And arranging transportation to and from the hospital! I am mostly blind in my right eye thanks to the Lyme, and my left eye is a blur, so highway driving is out, at least for the forseeable future. I don't need to get both of us killed while we're trying to get him fixed up.

    Right now I'm going to work on my web site. I took it off-line and am redoing it from scratch. It wasn't headed where I wanted it to go, and I was tired of fighting with it. The new one will be much better.

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