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Why do I feel like I am talking about being abducted by aliens?
An_249675 posted:
I have an open mind. Anything is possible, right? It baffles me however, that are so MANY people here and all over the world who have fibromyalgia and some still think it is "made up"!!!
Take my pain and fatigue and anxiety and insomnia and depression for just one day and tell me how to deal with it for the rest of my life. Tell me how to face each day with the same symptoms and not be able to find any relief. I don't take any drugs because everything makes me very sick. A lot of foods increase my pain including many fruits and vegetables which I would eat all the time and are supposed to be healthy but I have to avoid because they cause inflammation.
Tell me how to overcome my fear for the future and explain how, in a few short years, I have lost myself and the person I once was, still very youthful and full of life at 50 with a wonderful job in healthcare and lots of money to spend. Tell my daughter why I am so angry and tired and lying in bed because the pain is so bad and I am in tears.
Tell me what to do and where to go and hear my cry for help because no one listens anymore.

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