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    Happy Labor Day Week-end....9/1/2013 ****Sunday
    dollbug posted:
    Sept 1....can you believe that we are now into another month? My the summer months are just about over with...and they are now predicting just what will be in store for our winter months...piercing cold weather...OMG...winter storms and very cold weather. Could the Almanac be correct? Well, IF they compare the rain to the *S* word (that lots of places had this year)...then I guess this could indeed be right. Perhaps we will soon be hoping for springtime again and warmer weather.

    So this is our holiday week-end...we had a busy day yesterday. My DH and our older son cleaned out his gutters...which were indeed a mess. And then they did some yard work...trimming and weed eating. I am glad that this is done. His house also needs to be pressure washed...but we ran out of time and energy to do that. So perhaps the next time this can be done. So much going on with clean up.

    We also stopped by the store on our way home and picked up some steaks to have for lunch...just a simple cook out...steaks, baked potatoes and a salad...and we have a nice grill to cook them on. DH was having some problems with the old grill so we decided to buy one at the end of the season. Got a pretty good deal on it as well.

    I did manage to cross my line yesterday. I was actually expecting this to take place though. It was hot and I did not do that much but I knew soon that I had done this and I kept right on going. Although this was NOT a good idea I survived...thought my legs were going to fall off...but when I woke up this morning...I still had them attached. I feel better after a good night's rest. Just woke up a bit too early. This is the norm though for me. I will rest today though which is good. I go to the doctor on Tuesday to discuss what my MRI report indicates. (Could not get any answers by phone).

    So how has your week-end gone? I hope each of you have enjoyed it to the fullest.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group recently. I am sure that you will soon find some good info here that will help you manage your journey each day with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM. There are no quick please know that this is a process and takes time and effort. You should expect to try something around 6-8 weeks of whatever you decide to try before actually *feeling the full potential* of what it might do. What works for one may or may not help you. We are all different and only you will know when you have found the *right combination of tools* that works for you.

    Vitamin D...I continue to include this in most of my important for a lot of people these days. As for me I also found P5P to be my *life saver* of sorts for my lower back pain. I am still amazed at how much this improved my pain. P5P is just a processed form of Vitamin B it seems some people can NOT process this vitamin and I had no idea that this could cause lower back pain...but I am here to say it sure has worked *wonders* for me.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it on this Sunday...have a great day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more. (this is so important for us FMers to learn).


    TurtleRunnerNC responded:
    Good morning MiMi and others,

    Sitting here on the sofa icing my knees and hips.and drinking coffee. Ran 8 miles yesterday for the first time in months. It felt great. Knocked my pretty tired later but not awful. Lots of stretching and using my foam roller to ease the tender points. Ouch.

    Having a mini girls weekend with my daughter, 13. Hubby and son went to Virginia yesterday for a fantasy football draft ( in our old neighborhood). We went shopping. Had to get a present for a birthday party she is going to this afternoon. She also had some pet sitting money burning a hole in her pocket. We ordered pizza for dinner and hung out. She is so amazing.

    Glad for a long weekend as work has been crazy and an extra day off is always nice !

    The Savella seems to be helping my pain. Which is awesome. Mornings are still pretty bad though. Fatigue still there but what can you do. Sleeping is MUCH better with the Trazodone. So all in all I am slowly improving. Happy about that.

    Enjoy your weekend and try to move at least a little. I know it is so hard but it really does help.

    booch007 responded:
    Morning Fmil,

    Mimi I posted the new book under a single post....hope it helps someone*.

    Did ace the day without too much pain. I crashed at 1pm as usual and I was a woman on a mission yesterday and did it ALL...Tent up (with BIL help) and tables pots set up and menu on the cabinet to make sure I don't forget something (so many times that happens)...All spiders were told to leave and I found things that summer has changed and I changed them back. Living in nature is a gift but a challenge at the same time.

    I have increased my Savella for today and at this time upped the Tramadol dose for the morning and so far doing well with the help.

    I will begin the food prep soon and get some things done.

    It rained 2x yesterday but all is wipable and safe. Tablecloths wait for today. I have a jump castle to set up today and will save that for last (as it is heavy like I can't believe) **anything for the GC !** I want to see the gasp they make when they get surprised.......

    It is nice to see less issues on the board I am hoping that all have gotten their tools in line to give them some relief and peace to the day.

    Life is so full of obstacles even if you didn't have this mess as well. In the book they speak of the phsyiology of how this chemistry issue occurs. There is comfort in reading what science has figured out. Also reading that TrP do not give you FM, but FM'ers always have TrP's helped make it clear to me. As I don't have so much of the issues you all have.....unless I develop a TrP in a muscle nearby. That symptoms are so much better with TrP help. This is true for me and some things are gone......some keep returning with the antics I pull.

    But, still knowing that if a doctor hasn't followed the research especially 2008 news...they are still in the dark with choosing to NOT KNOW the science behind our complaints. I am grateful for the doctor that is up to date in care.

    OK, here is for all to be tuned up as best as possible and in changing the trigger approaches that makes us worse.

    Hugs to all, Nancy B .
    booch007 responded:
    CRAP...getting lemons today....IT IS THUNDERING RIGHT NOW.....I hope I can make this an enjoyable party (outside) and not squish all inside.

    Who wants to be out in heat and humidity.....CRAP.

    Well looks like the end of summer is a challenge !

    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good afternoon. It was a very nice morning here. I was able to get outside and work on some more projects I had on my mind. It seems whenever I deal with any of those little things I feel better in general. It puts the mind at ease. Today's was wrenching on the Jeep to fix some issues. When I was finished I had to test drive. I made it about three blocks and both knees were screaming in pain. I was crouched down while working and they were not happy with me. Luckily it faded after about a half hour and now they are just rubbery.

    I still have to clean the basement and rotate tires on the Outback, maybe tomorrow. I could even spread it out for the week after work. It's time to rest for a bit.

    I hope winter is not too severe here. It is long and hard as is. The summers are incredible. It's usually not hot for more than a week or two here and there, and it is some of the most scenic surroundings I can imagine.

    Nancy, here is hoping the weather avoids your BBQ.

    Turtle, glad your enjoying the long weekend!

    Have a great day everyone!

    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Weird day today. Son cleared out his house of the old girlfriend's belongings and we took them to her house. He had to use his older truck because it has a cap on it and there was a chance of showers. It was 100 miles each way with no factory air in the truck. Then we had to unload the truck. OGF didn't even come out of the house to help, so we dumped her stuff (gently) next to her front door and went on our merry way. Hopefully, that is the end of that.

    DH really lucked out today. He spent the day making hay for our cows. He just got home and got the baler covered up when the rains came. So far, it's just been rain. 30 Miles away in Olean, NY, they had "marble sized" hail. They can keep it. They can keep the flash flooding, too.

    Got a call from S-in-L in NJ, she and DB are off on vacation starting Tues. They are going to drive into PA, bring their bikes, visit small towns, stay at B & B's, and generally slow down for a week. Sounds like fun--sorta.

    My bottom is sore from all that riding in the truck, and I guess a bicycle seat would be at least as bad. I don't know what they used, but I had my bladder neck suspended in 1996. It's like any other surgery: if you needed the surgery, you're better afterwards, but you're never as good as before you needed the surgery. Sitting hurts more. Intimacy is trickier. And when I'm lying down, I cannot raise my left leg unless I raise the right one with it. (They used muscles from the leg to make the bladder sling.)

    Here's hoping everyone has a great week ahead.


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