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Fibromyalgia and Reiter's?
langenbrat posted:
I was recently diagnosed with firbromyagia. My mom thinks it is the same thing as Reiter's Syndrome (which she has) and wants me to get tested for that. Can anyone give me a rundown on the differences between fibro and Reiter's and if it's possible to have them both?
langenbrat responded:
Forgot to mention I was diagnosed also with RA.
booch007 responded:
Good morning Langenbrat,

There is a known fact that you can have FM and other issues as well. Reiters though is an inflamatory typeof arthritis usually brought on by an infection. The doctor would have those keys to go by. Your sed rate would be elevated and findings on exam would be present.

The fact that you HAVE RA is a estament to Mom that it is hard to diagnoe you. FM falls into the "everything negatve" and increased pain bilaterally throughout the is an intensified pain issue. A ramped up pain signal to the brain...

It is great that Mom is trying to help, but if the puzzle fits for need to get her educated and yourself as well.

I am sorry you are carrying more than one issue. I feel that one is enough per person !

So, I hope I helped and try and use the literature out there to help educate yourself. Maybe even a second opinion onthis diagnosis to be sure you have it. I would hate you being misdiagnosed and you could have had therapy of some kind and been better.

Take care, Nancy B .

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