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Fran-R & Bette-K and Missit - Thank you!
DublinGirl posted:
I wrote a few months ago about a burning pain in my neck. I finally got an MRI through my new specialist and it turns out I've two prolapsed disks in my neck. He's also putting me on Lyrica for the FM which is super bad right now. But I wanted to say thanks for your support, advice and feedback .

I've been complaining of this for over 2 years to my GP and he kept putting me on anti-inflammatories and I had to beg for a referral. But I'm so glad I have now. I've to see a neuro-surgeon next, and I'm on week one of the Lyrica, so fingers crossed I'm on the right road!

franr responded:
Dear Rachael
I am so happy you got an answer. Hopefully the new med will help .It pays to be persistant.I hope you continue to improve as time goes by.I will keep you in my prayers. Hugs Fran
bette_kaffitz responded:

Talk about your validation!

Maybe, once this structural damage has been addressed, your other fibro symptoms will behave--at least a little bit. That's what the Lyrica is for.

Persistence pays. Ask the 66 year old woman who just swam (finally) from Cuba to Florida!

missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Glad things are looking up! If the lyrica doesn't work well for you--try gabapentin (generic neurontin) very cheap and does help.
rudyandirmouse replied to missist's response:
Just thought I would add my two cents. Gabapentin does seem to work well for me not so much for others here, but it's always worth a try. Gentle hugs, Linda R
bette_kaffitz replied to rudyandirmouse's response:
The Gabapentin/Neurontin seems to help with nerve type pain (burning, tingling, numbness) and less with deep muscle aches.
We tend to get some types of pain sometimes and other at different times or stages in the disease.

I was on Neurontin for several years. It helped when I started. But when I had to stop a bunch of meds before surgery, I didn't notice any flares or even a gradual increase in pain. Must not have been nerve pain at that time. Go figure.


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