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The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
An_249675 posted:
This book, written by Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, might be helpful to everyone. He "suffered" from fibromyalgia himself and when he was in medical school had to drop out for a year to recover. The disease left him homeless and sleeping on a park bench.
The good news is, "In spite of whatever doctors may have said in the past, the disease is real and you are not crazy", Dr. T. says.
He now devotes his life to research, finding treatments and helping others with these illnesses. He also says, "If you go to an infectious disease Dr., you will have chronic fatigue syndrome and if you go out of their offices to see the rheumatologist next door, you will have fibromyalgia.
I read all the above in newspaper article. It is available online at Amazon and from Barnes and Noble and is inexpensive. I am waiting for it's arrival soon!!
bette_kaffitz responded:
Dr. Teitelbaum has been around on the fibro book scene for a while. His earlier books--at least to me--seemed to say that if you did everything he suggested your life would be just dandy.

We know better.

Read as much as you can. Try what makes sense to you. And share what did or didn't work with the rest of us.

Right now, we are playing catch up, just treating symptoms. It is better than nothing, but we need to know what is actually happening in our brains, our spinal chord, and our muscles. Then, there will be some inkling of how to stop/reverse the damage that is done.

Enjoy your book. I hope you find LOTS of good ideas in there. Please share them with us.

An_249675 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Thank you Bette. I never heard of him prior to this. My husband found this article in a small local newspaper. Of course, it's easy for some people to say "do all this and you will be fine". If you have plenty of money and support and other resources there's a lot anyone can do. I will look at this book which was very inexpensive to order online and see what he has to say and be happy to share what I have learned. Right now I am not managing my pain, my anxiety or my depression. The only thing I use is a sleeping pill at night and with that still have very fragmented sleep.

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