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    knee scoped !!!
    Wolfsong452 posted:
    well Aug. 13, has come and gone, had my right knee scoped, everything went great, my father dropped me off at the hospital,

    I went in had the scope, and walked out 3 hours later. Yes, the let me walk myself out.

    Totally amazing.

    I thank goodness that I already had some pain medicine, as I didn't have the money or the time to go to he pharmacy.

    I slept almost non stop for the next 2 days. That same week, on Fri.
    I drove myself to do some pet sits.

    Piece of cake, yes, had trouble bending my knee getting it into the car, especially since I'm a big girl with short legs, , and I drive a Subaru.

    Took 2 weeks off from work, back to work, walking around with a cane or crutches, some days, other days I walk without.

    surprising on what days I had pain, and when I didn't.

    I found that if I lie a certain way at night with a pillow under my knee then everything cramps up, and feels swollen,

    then it takes me several minutes of slowly stretching to get the swelling down and to get movement in the knee.

    so now it's been a little over 3 weeks, right knee is still ouchy, but problems with my ankle is causing problems. I know this pain is due to me favoring the right leg, leaning to much. What is a body to do?

    Physical Therapy has me doing exercises, they feel I'm already up to 90% flexibility. Hurray! though I'm going to make sure they know about my mornings where the knee swells up in my sleep.

    in another couple of weeks, we're going to be talking about doing knee replacement on my left knee. Sheesh! this leg doesn't hurt, but it is weak, so if I get pain in the one, and go ouch, and lean quickly to the left, then that leg is weak, and down I go!

    all of his you can imagine what it's done to my FM along with OA,


    pain medicine makes you not hungry, also gives you constipation, oh joy!

    on top of this, I had a pet sit where they'd had a lot of water damage, that caused mold to be halfway up the wall.

    even if a person wasn't sensitive to mold, they'd have got sick from this.

    well guess what, yep, shortness of breath, etc. I had to be at this house 3 times a day for one hour each time.

    really did a number on my breathing, etc. which kind of knocked everything else for a loop!

    oh well, now starting to get back to normal, right knee still hurts, left ankle still hurts, but am breathing better, I'm back at work as of last Thurs. picked up an extra day on Tues. but, was off Wed. which I slept all day, hard sleep.

    couldn't believe how I'd slept on Wed. got up ate breakfast, watched TV for couple of hours, went back to sleep, for about 8 hours, non stop, deep sleep, got up again, watched TV had a late dinner, slept again, hard all night.

    Thurs. was out and about a bit during the day, had to work Thurs. night, feel like crap,

    knee's killing me,brought my crutches instead of the cane.

    what is totally crazy, when it rains it pours, 2 days into my time off, the sewer went out in he house, nothing would drain.

    Called Mr. Plummer, they did this, they did that, come to find out, broken pipe line in the yard, $7000.00 damage,

    luckily, I must have worded it just the right way, because home owners insurance paid for it! minus the deductable, this is also including the water damage in my house!


    what a way to start a 2 week vacation, knee surgery, then sewer problems!
    dollbug responded:
    Hello Sharon.....OMG....sounds like you have been dealing with a lot. I am glad though that your knee surgery is over...and that you are recovering from this. Good that you have been able to go back to work.

    I am quite surprised you were able to *walk* out of the hospital...having it on the right knee makes it harder to drive as well. I am glad things are going well with this.

    I have been having *issues* with my right knee as well. Had a MRI on it and I had a *bakers cyst* on it along with several other issues. The doctor has told me that I need to see a doctor as soon as he can get me an appointment to do so. I have not heard back from him. But it was just Tuesday when I saw him. He tells me that he thinks I will probably need to go ahead and get a new knee...I am still not sure though that I am ready to go through this. He thinks that the *bakers cyst* will have to be removed by surgery due to the size of it. I am not willing to have 2 surgeries so I guess we will see.

    And then you had sewer problems to deal with also. are right...when it rains, it pours. Well at least you were home when all of this took place. I guess that was a good thing.

    I hope things get better soon for you and that you can figure out what to do with your other knee as well.

    Take care and good luck.


    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    that wasn't much a nice way to start vacation... hope healing and taking care of the sewer and damage won't take long... you have definitely had your full to deal with...

    i hope work is going better and things are progressing well now...
    good luck with knee 2...

    take care... love... jan/dakota
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Well, Wolfsong, you got the first hurdle taken care of. Wouldn't it be wonderful if your knee replacement got you back to 90% too? Then you would be much more confident while dealing with the pet sitting. I am sure you worry about a dog getting you off balance and making that left knee worse yet.

    You know it has to be done. Knee replacement isn't as great as hips are, but it's got to be better than what you've got now.

    Sometimes you luck out--even dealing with insurance companies. Take the money and say "Thank you" before you run to the bank.

    Glad that the mold didn't do any permanent damage. I'm an expert on pneumonia (I've had it so many times!) and know that the kinds brought on by mold are especially hard to get rid of. Count yourself lucky that you did not get that.

    Bet you never would have thought of your fibro-blessed body as being lucky before! But you are in the process of ridding yourself of some major stressors. Once the knee pain is better, what do you want to bet the fibro will settle down to a lower level of baseline (always with you) pain!

    Towards better days,

    Wolfsong452 replied to dollbug's response:
    yeah MiMi, I was also surprised about walking out of the hospital. Luckily my father was waiting in the parking lot, no way I'd been able to drive home.

    MiMi, get that bakers cyst taken out. They kept checking me to see if I had one, guess they're easier than a knee scope.

    things are doing well, today I'm walking around with out my cane, can't figure out the left ankle hurting. Guess I've banged it and leaned to much in that direction for it to be a easy fix it.

    yeah, the other knee talking of getting a knee replacement, I don't want to miss any more work. If I can wait till this time next year, I'd have some vacation time again. Yet, I'm worried about this new Obamacare insurance and how it's going to affect my sliding scale at the hospital.

    oh well, worry about it when it happens.

    thanks MiMi, you're always a breath of fresh air!
    Wolfsong452 replied to dakotaspirit1957's response:
    sewer is all fixed, now I have to get my front yard back to normal, probablly going to take a year to get it back. The mound of dirt they left is a bummer. But, the sewer is fixed! Lets hope it doesn't break anywhere else.

    don't think insurance would cover it a second time!

    knee is doing better, no pain pills today.

    Wolfsong452 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Yeah Bette, probably will get the knee replacement done, lets hope it's next year where I can take another vacation time.

    I agree on the mold, I've seen how it affected my mother. Sheesh! had me going for awhile, what with that and then pain medicines causing constipation. Along with not wanting to eat.

    Your right, once the knee is done, maybe even the other, there just might be less stressors.

    I am concerned with my left forearm, it's been swollen for over 2 years, we've tried different treatments, PT, brace, meds. etc.

    x-ray 3 different times, 2 x's on the hand, the last time on the forearm, nothing showed up, so we've finally got an MRI, should know something by the end of the month on what that said. I get a dull ache in the forearm. Nothing seems to bring it on, I could just be sitting around reading, watching TV etc. that arm doing nothing.

    so, let's hope.

    darn it, all these issues with joints, muscles, etc. eeek!

    yep, we said thank you to the insurance company and then deposited the check real quick, thing is, I got a bill today from the restoration company for $1000, nope, not going to pay it,

    all they did was set up a huge dehumidifier, which kept tripping my breakers, so we'd told them to take it away the first day.

    Thing is, they took 3 days to come back and get it. I did not let it run after the first day.

    they're also trying to get us to pay for the estimate! what!

    we got the estimate from the insurance company, we never agreed for this renovation company to do any work, we just asked for an estimate to be turned into the insurance company. Took them over a week before they sent it in. Heck, we had everything done by that time.

    oh well, everything is doing well,

    thinking of the left knee and my sore ankle,

    thanks all!

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