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3 am in my part of the world...
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
hope you are all sleeping yet... i am up early enough for all of us... lol...

not in a lot of pain... just wide awake... i have to get up in about 2 hours now... i know if i try to go back to sleep it will take forever and i will sleep through the alarm now... the pain i am having is in my arm and neck... arm where the break is and neck due to the sling... everything else is at rest it seems...

too early to turn on the coffee pot... i guess a cold glass of water will have to do me yet... it will probably put me to sleep anyway lol...

my son must have just gone to bed cuz the dishwasher is on the rinse cycle... he was up cleaning house 3 hours ago when i was last up...
he worked a split today... as he has since i got hurt... that way he gets his son from school at 2 and his daughter off the bus at 3:30 and if i can't care for them takes them to their other grandparents... which happened all but 1 night this week... then he is off to work again...

well... time to ice pack my arm... give my neck a break lol... and read a good book... i have 80 books now on my tablet... going to need a new one just for books lol... i belong to a book club that i get bestsellers from every day... most of them free... so i am a book hoarder... lol... i am in the middle of a good one... just need more time like this to read lol...

so take care and have a good day... love... jan/dakota
booch007 responded:
Dear Jan,

I just read your last note. WOW you really have troubles at times. I am sorry this has happened to you. It sounds challenging with the parkinsons and MS too. When it rains it pours they say right?

There is a peace in the air when you are up and everyone is sleeping. Outside the night air is cooler and the buzz of the crickets or katydids is rhythmic. Early dawn on the property and trees gives them a different look and it can be magical.

I live by the clock, so much to be up at 3am would knock my socks off....not able to function for the day I am sure. I can do 430 and on...but no earlier.

I hope you get a nap in today. Take care and maybe use a pillow (2) pillows on your lap to get the arm out of the sling for relief of that neck...O U C H is all I can sense with that.
I would need a waist restraint to strap my arm to, no way could I have a sling.....YIKES!

Good luck and rest up, Nancy B
dollbug responded:
Hello Jan....MiMi in NC....I do hope things get better for you. I know that it is rough when we, FMers, have another *medical issue* to deal with. I sure hope your recovery will be quickly and you will soon be relieved from the pain you have right now.

Try to remember to allow yourself time to heal. I know that when I broke my wrists I did NOT think I would ever get better. It just took a long time and I guess I wanted it to be sooner. (I guess we all think like this).

It is a good thing that you have 80 books ready to read. I am sure that this will help you pass the time....which is exactly what needs to happen. So enjoy your books and allow your body to heal.

Prayers and thoughts are with you.

Take care.


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