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    Saturday *****9/7/2013 *****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily....MiMi in NC....I have NOT had a good night's sleep and I am NOT a happy camper today. I hope it improves from here because it can NOT get much worse. It seems like the furbabies decided that they were NOT going to sleep last night and in the process they were going to keep me up as well. I have no idea what is with this. But I sure hope this changes. As I think we all know not getting enough sleep does us NO GOOD.

    On another note here though. I read something this morning which said that people who have been through *rough times* should consider it an opportunity and to accept this and move on. Now I do think this is a rather odd outlook on life but think about it. What would be better than to accept something as an opportunity in life and make the most of what it is. Actually perhaps this is the only good way that people can actually move forward with whatever has taken place. Just wanted to share this with you as I read it I could hardly believe what I was reading.

    I say this because of the *trial and tribulations that my adult children have been faced with. I know just how hard all of it has been on me and I often wonder just how they have done so well with what they had been tossed in life. I will also say this that I have NOT accepted any of it like they have. Having so much to deal with because you have done *nothing* is a hard thing for me to accept in life. It is times when a person must think WTH is going on with people and just why would someone do this kind of thing to anyone.

    OK....enough of my soapbox. I will now move on.

    Here is hoping each of you had a good night's rest and I do hope today will be a good day for all of us with little to no pain.

    We have had cooler weather and I thought I would feel better but I am still dealing with a bum knee. I have not heard back from my doctor yet. So I am just still waiting. I have found that when a person has medical issues, no one gets in any hurry to do anything for you. It is all *hurry up and wait*. For me, when I am not feeling good to begin with and then feel even worse, waiting is NOT one of my favorite past times.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help your daily journey in dealing with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM. There are no magic pills or quick fixes that I am aware of and everything is a process that we all must go through, whether we like it or not. I do think that this is the worse period of time that you will go through. It does get better as soon as you decide to learn more about FM and what to expect from it or NOT.

    Take one day at a time and try to find something that will improve how you feel...a good way is to keep a journal in the beginning and try to *track* what you do and just how you feel at the time. Eventually you will get a better understand of what might make things better or worse. Perhaps it is doing too much or eating a certain kind of food. But soon you will figure out what you can do to improve your life.

    Drinking water. This is something that I did before I got sick so it was not something that I even thought was that important. But this could be to some people. I do not drink any kinds of sodas. I do drink a small can of pineapple juice every day. (Dr Oz says this is good for people) I am not sure though what it has done, if anything. In the morning I do drink a Protein drink for breakfast. I am going to start back to eating oatmeal though since I had my bloodwork done. I am also trying to add a few nuts to my diet.

    Sometimes little things can make a BIG difference. So it is good to keep up with what is going on in your life to find what might be making a good or bad difference in it.

    Vitamin D....again I want to remind you that this might make a difference in how you feel. Be sure and ask your doctor to check it.

    Pace, pace and pace even more.

    Enjoy your day.


    booch007 responded:
    Oh Mimi I feel that knee.....I wish you could have tamed it by now. O U C H! That alone can take your nights away!

    Sleep has been a friend to me these last few days. As the air is brisk from Canada and my air conditioner is off...the cuddle weather hit me just right. I LOVE this time of year....The colors, the clothes..turtlenecks and wools, plaids and leggings. The start of school and all it brings, the new adventures for the kids.

    This is my recharge time. I feel alive in Autumn. It is better then spring for me. You know a leaf isn't able to show it's true color until the is too busy working to keep the tree alive and THEN you see it's beauty. When the chlorophyl process is finished.

    Beautiful they are too. I can't wait and I am cutting back at work so I will be OUT in it all and see it. I am a good LEAF PEEPER! Just need to find a travel buddy to go around with me. Hmm.

    OK, I have to begin the prep to CLOSE the pool, I hope it doesn't take as long as opening took! The same with packing up the yard . Not much use this year and I do not have an Octoberfest in me to have another party.....we'll see what the next season brings....

    Good day to all of you, I am hopeful your toolboxe are out. All the tricks we share are of use to you and the day can give you some joy.

    Get OUT and get UP...look to the dollar store...the craft store and get busy with something. Even just out in the sun and listen to nature or some good music...thisis all medicine under a different label!

    OK....enough from me...NancyB
    dakotaspirit1957 responded:
    good morning... it is a beautifully cool day this morning... says it is 81* already but it feels a lot cooler... it will be a hot one again i triple digits... but right now it feels just right...

    we have the ugliest dog visiting our gate... luckily he runs when we open it... i think he is after our dog that's in heat... luckily it is my son's big one not my little one... lol... but he makes such noise... drives me nuts... lol... he probably drove the neighbors nuts barking here since 5 am too lol... it is 7 our dogs went inside over an hour ago and he just now shut up...don't know if he belongs to someone or is a stray... i do know he is bothersome lol... and he is back... i should call animal control... lol...

    i don't want my chihuahua mated with him... she has a mate waiting for her at my daughter's when i move there... she raises chihuahua.. and i have one there waiting for me... his name is Dallas... yes after the Dallas cowboys... ad he is full of spit and vinegar... lol... about 2 months old now... just the sweetest golden baby... will go well i hope with my golden girl... wish we could share pictures here... he has 3 brothers and one sister... all active as all get out... my daughter is trying to potty train them now... she says it is a trip... can't use paper for they tear it up... and it is like they eat outside and hold it until they are back inside then when she brings them in they automatically go... driving her nuts... she has had a lot of training practice and never these problems... lol...
    she is determined to win though... lol... i hope she does... at least with Dallas... i can't see me picking up after him with one arm lol... i will probably fall on my head lol... i am so unbalanced now i hardly can pick up anything i drop... lol...

    speaking of unbalanced... my dr asked me if i was using my walker yesterday... i laughed at her... told her the wheelchair was a pretty big challenge alone now she wants me to try the walker one armed... i tried just to move it out of my way and almost fell... what is she thinking... lol...

    it is raining a beautiful... peaceful... rain... smells like a fresh wash... even better... i didn't notice it until i heard the soft drops in our pool... they are making little bubbles in it... so pretty... reminds me of the lake my father built out at our cabin... i could sit o my balcony off my bedroom on the second floor and watch it rain like this for hours... in South Dakota it rained for hours like this... here in Arizona we are lucky to get 5 minutes of rain... usually it comes in a downpour and quits in a couple minutes... this rain is a true blessing... and no dust storm came before it like usual... perhaps God knew i needed a piece of peace to continue my day with... i have been up since 3... it's been a long day already...

    been 8 minutes since the sweetness of rain began... it is down to a droplet here and there... lasted longer then normal... so peaceful all the way through... it isn't making bubbles anymore... just the tiniest of ripples... there is no sound to it anymore... everything is dead silent... no birds... no insects... just my dog who wants to go into the yard and barks every once in a while... my son's dog likes to play in the rain and get wet but my chihuahua doesn't... i can hear the birds in flight again... well... back to normal... now it's the peace after the rain...

    guess i need to close... almost out of room... hope you enjoyed sharing my peaceful rain...

    take care... love... jan/dakota
    TurtleRunnerNC responded:
    It is so beautiful here in NC today. I was able to run 8 miles again this morning and for that I am thankful. I love running and feel so good when I am doing it. I pray Fibro doesn't take it away from me. I spent some time stretching after then got in the hot tub for about 15 min. Now I'm on the sofa icing my hips.

    Rough night last night. Up about 5 times to use the bathroom and was in q lot of pain. Realized this morning that I forgot to take my Savella last night. Ugh.

    Mimi - hope you hear from the doctor on your knee soon.
    I think that article is spot on. It is so hard to look at Fibro as an opportunity but I pray everyday that God will use me in some way to help or inspire others with Fibro or other struggles. Some good has to come out of this crap right?

    mnjeepguy responded:
    Good morning everyone. It is warm and muggy here. The sun was out in full force this morning but it is overcast now. The MN Street Rod Association is in town and brought a few hundred cars. The DW and took our walk through them this morning. It is always fun for me to see someone's personal vision of a classic car.

    I woke with a wrecked left side this am, kind of funny how it is today. The left knee, big toe, and wrist are haunting me. The right side is pretty good. I have a few things to do but nothing rigorous. I will just lean to the right Lol.

    Mimi, I wish you a good night's rest tonight. Try to go to bed with a clear head. I know if I have something on my mind I do not sleep well at all.

    Nancy B, I agree with Autumn, it is my favorite time of year here in northern MN. We get a lot of leaf peepers here.

    Jan, wish you the best, as always. I admire you keep your sense of humor even when things are tough.

    Turtle, I wish I could run like you do. I am built like a runner and it feels very good. My Dr. told me I better not. My joints won't tolerate it. I'm jealous!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day.

    missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Hi all.. late to the party as usual.

    Mimi-- ouch! hope you don't need to wait too long. I'm waiting myself-- got an apt at a new dr. I had earlier cancelled the neurologist apt. becuase I wanted to get on in the town near me instead, and to do that I need a new primary dr here-so I have that scheduled waiting til I think its the 19th. I'm having those weird spells now weekly-- with ear ringing, numbness and now pricks in my head-- weird. My head feels like its being squeezed sometimes, then like it is being pricked, then like its cold or hot or wet--or like water is dripping down the side of it. All these weird sensations. It isn't really painful though-- just sort of alarming. My memory is off the charts worse than usual. But I have been working at listing things in my outlook tasks on pc. Yesterday I forgot my father in law's birthday. So that's a shame. I started to put reminders for birthdays and anniversarys as well as chores, errands, etc--in my outlook tasks too. its very useful. Today I was reminded to try on some of my clothes and see if anything is wearable for church--as I do hope to go to one tomorrow. I ended up actually getting my closet cleaned out and weeding out outfits that do not fit so I can take them to goodwill. I realized I could maybe use a pair of brown pants and some nicer summer footwear--but otherwise I'm good. And I do own enough to go to church fairly proper.

    So.. one thing I'm bothered by with this weird head thing--is I am more tired when it acts up and also more foggy. I am not sure what it is-- migraine maybe-there are migraines that do not have pain. MS comes to mind a bit. But then I read in the Fibromyalgia Advocate by Devin Starlanyl that these symptoms could actually be fibromyalgia related. That amazed me. After 30 years I did not expect more new things to go wrong.thought I'd tried it all by now. LOL.

    Anyhow that's what I'm waiting on--to find out what is wrong with my head.

    Now.. i was going to say more to each of you..but as usual I cannot remember what I just read, unless I'm reminded. And I am too tired just now to scroll back up and re-read. So- just know I care and I do pray for y'all.
    fibroinsd responded:
    a late check-in..

    I was cleaning up some things in my old son's bedroom today..and tried to pick up a heavy box of books..not back got a twinge that says it isn't happy..but trying to make the room a little better...needs a lot more work..

    Just talked to my dad...the Sat. person was there today..and she took my mom to go pick up some lunch. ..and I guess they got lost and were gone for an hour and a half...I am not happy with this person, and will be calling the people. I have a line on someone suggested by a friend..I want my parents to meet her...I know they are resistant to any change..

    ok...not much else is hotter than jealous of all the talk of autumn and fall...I do so miss DH doesn't...he is a California guy...I am not.. good to hear from you...

    mimi...I so agree with you...I don't consider any of my trials an opportunity...and don't know why things have to be so difficult in life..ugh..

    Cory...glad you got to enjoy the car show..

    Let's put the fun back in dysfunctional !- Mary Englebright

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