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Like many others, I am interested in alternative treatment options
sophiawujanuary13 posted:
Like many others, I am interested in alternative treatment options. I have recently researched ultrasound therapy and found out that there is a portable ultrasound machine available. This interests me, but I wonder about its efficacy compared to larger machines and to other treatments as well. Does anyone have any information regarding this topic?
Bmarshallsept30 responded:
Ultrasound therapy from a portable ultrasound machines consists of sound waves that penetrate the skin in order to reduce pain and inflammation. These sound waves vibrate into the skin while producing heat. These sound waves can help to increase blood flow and decrease any trigger point pain felt by the user. Of course, machines for home use are less powerful than machines found in a clinic or hospital, but this is for good reason: Safety. Portable machines only use 1Mhz, which is enough to make a marked difference in pain. It is low enough that it will not harm the user as long as it is used properly. There is much more I could tell you but not enough room to do so, so I would recommend visiting the site of EZUltrasound for more information.
Anon_2912 responded:
We have a tens unit, I don't know if that is what you are referring too.

My husband used it for his bulging disc when his back goes out and my son had to use it for his painful fractures ...

They both said it helped their pain, however, their pain was temporary until they both healed.
bette_kaffitz replied to Anon_2912's response:

Tens units deliver a tingle feeling that is like a low voltage electric shock--one that is not painful. You can adjust how strong the sensation is and what the stimulation pattern is.

(Like many other treatments, mine helped for about 6 months, then no longer had any effect on my fibro.)

Like its name, ultrasound is like soundwaves. We cannot hear these frequencies. You do not feel anything during treatment. But the treatment deliver's energy to your trouble-spots and is helpful to many of us. (I was not one of the ones that ultrasound helped, but there are plenty of FMily members out here who swear by it.)

Before you buy an ultrasound unit, you should have a treatment by a physical therapist. Then you will know whether the modality works for you. You will also see how the experts use the equipment--how long they last, where to center your treatment, etc.

I truly hope that this type of system works for you.


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