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dakotaspirit1957 posted:
am dying from fatigue... but my heart and soul are filled with joy... my son came home from the hospital today... on a bag full of meds... admitting he is not 100% but much much better... and not the same son living on the respirator almost a month ago...

thank you all for your good thoughts and many prayers... thank you for being there for me and my family...

i know it won't always be easy as tonight... especially when we sit and talk about what happened... we know we have a lot to deal with as a family together... but we all three admit it will be part of our healing process to talk things out... we are simply happy for this chance to heal...

i feel such peace having my sons both home again... it feels so wonderful...

thanks again for your support...

have a wonderful night... take care... love... jan/dakota
TurtleRunnerNC responded:
I'm so happy to hear he is home. It will be a long road for sure. God has blessed all of you with a second chance. I see great things for your family.
missist responded:
Hi Jan/dakota,

I'm happy to see what God has been doing in your family. funny how this kind of thing brings back to the surface the love that was always there between family members but that has gotten a little lost in the mire of life.

You are so right, there is always still a lot to deal with, but looks like the worst is over.

I will keep you all in my prayers,

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