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boo hoo dat hurt
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
didn't know casting something hurt like that... but when the dr told me it was going to and started pushing on it to form the cast... i admit turning into a baby and crying... she remind me that it is a clean break... which means it looks like it will mold right together... it is an odd break... going up my arm about 4 inches and as not across like normal breaks... but the xray showed her work done nicely... she offered to contact my pain management dr to ask to up my oxycotin a couple of days but i told her i was managing well enough... pain is just pain in my book... a little more isn't killing me...

my fm is finally being naughty... started last night real bad... hitting the hand i couldn't move... but now i can move my fingers... can't move my thumb... it is open but it is locked up... dr has to see me in a week instead of 10 days cuz my thumb is swollen ad so is some of my wrist... she could see the muscle spasm in it... she may have to recast it if the swelling goes down and the thumb unlocks... might losen up the cast...

fun fun... she wants me to use my wheelchair for the next 6 - 8 weeks... however long we have to deal with the cast... no falling allowed... mmm... i fall out of bed... this could be a long 6 - 8 weeks... lol... lol... maybe i need restraints lol...

after that much time back in my wheelchair i will need therapy to walk again... and therapy for my wrist... i can do so much to stay strong without standing and walking... i asked if i had help would she ok to walking and exercising... she said no... i understand the threat... my leg goes dead without notice... down i go... but i explained to her i weaken easy without a strict exercise plan... she isn't budging...

did i tell you my ortho is in her late 20's... she is a genius... was a dr at 17... i thought she was a student... lol... till we got talking about if i was ever going to see a dr... lol...

well... i am going to rest...

you all have a nice day... take care... love... jan/dakota
TurtleRunnerNC responded:
Do you have access to a recumbant exercise bike?
debrabrooks1960 responded:
Dear Jan/Dakota,
I feel your pain. It made me hurt reading your post. You are in my prayers. You have been thru so much and now this. You poor thing. I am proud of you that you sound so strong and positive. I am not sure I could be that strong. Take good care of yourself. I will be praying for you everynight.

Soft hugs,
Your not over the hill until you are under the hill.

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