Need help! Have fibro and skin is itching, most likely from eczema! Please help!
susan40299 posted:
Hi all! I have fibro and within the last week I have broken out with what looks like eczema! I have used prescription cream that is drying it up, but it's spreading! Any help would be greatly appreciated! This is driving me crazy!
missist responded:
Hi Susan..
would it maybe help to use something like benadryl?
I would call my dr if I were you. you may have a food allergy or -- have you been outside?

Last summer I thought I had a rash from one of my meds--it turned out to be chiggers-- itched like mad. They are very small and can be out in the grass and you can't really even see them.

They must have crawled up my legs I think when I was working in our yard then.

Just a couple ideas.

Sometimes Rashes have to do with fibro--sometimes it is entirely something different.
Anon_10089 replied to missist's response:

Sorry for what you're experiencing. Itching can be happen with FM. This board has been more active in the past and while I'm not discouraging discussion here, I encourage you to look through past discussions about this, where more people weighed in.

One time I started using a loofah, and evidently it wasn't drying out enough. I guess there was bacteria in it (I know, gross!). So when I used it again, it was causing small, itchy bumps. It caused horrible itching. It took me awhile to link the the cause though so really examine your life and anything new.

I hope you figure it out!
bette_kaffitz replied to Anon_10089's response:
Anon's right. We are so succeptible to every little thing that comes along. I think the immune system is in play here too. That loofah must have been bacteria heaven! I switched to white cotton towels and washcloths a long time ago. They get washed in hot water with bleach and "sensitive" "free" detergent. They get a second rinse and the Downy "free" too. What a difference!

It's amazing all the things that can get us off-kilter. We do not need bites, dyes, perfumes, or any of life's little aggrivations to add to things.

(Do you have kids or grandkids who might have brought some rash home from school? I saw on the news last night that there is an upswing in measles this year. That's only one of the many joys kids do bring home.)

Hope you figure out this particular mystery soon.

Stellaaa101 responded:
Hi Susan - I too have been itching like crazy. Nothing was making sense as I hadn't been out, no change of soaps, lotions, laundry detergents, etc. and tried the OTC anti-itch medications which helped a little but not enough. My Doc put me on Atarax, a prescription antihistimine, and though it's only been 2 weeks the itchi-ness is so minor now. So far, so good. Hope you're finding some relief!
wildyard responded:
If you haven't seen the doctor yet, it definitely sounds like time! With all the stresses those of us with FM are under, it's entirely possible that you are experiencing eczema or something similar. Some of the other suggestions are also possibilities, but a good exam, with microscopic exam of some skin scrapings would most likely tell you the answer.

I have a lot of skin issues with my FM, including rashes where stiffer fabrics, like jeans, rub against me. I also experience extreme skin sensitivity to seams, tags and sometimes just any clothes in general. However most of these things are relieved by removal of the irritating item and the rashes generally fade within a day or so.

Anything persisting longer than a few days, IMHO, would send me to my doctor, or at least prompt a call to the nurse for advice.

I hope you have an answer to your dilemma soon. You have enough to deal with every day as it is. Hugs and smiles!
msptx replied to wildyard's response:
I so agree with everything you said. Sometimes I need to change my clothing at least twice before finding something soft enough. Hard to explain to those who don't have FM. Literally is painful. I too have itching but using Benadryl cream helps. Hugs and smiles back to you!
2xanadu responded:
Gluten sensitivity can also cause an itchy rash. It's called Dermatitis Herpetiformis. (has nothing to do with herpes, don't worry) some folks that are gluten sensitive are affected more on skin than in bowel. I know this because my husband is a Celiac patient who has the DH type. he does not have FM, but Gluten affects a lot of FM patients. it is easy to test for. He went about a yr thinking he had poison ivy or something before they figured out what it was. Good luck, I hope they figure it out for you soon. when I was itchy it seemed it was from some of my non-fibro meds. when I stopped them, it went away.
Anon_2912 responded:
Call your dermatologist back, or go in for another exam.

Maybe a different kind of cream may help.

I don't think it is FM related. Their are millions with dermatology issues, and they don't have FM.

People just get things without explanations, it the way our body is made. We have a 20/50 chance of getting something, either we will or we won't.
Bugzzy responded:
I have been diagnosed with fibro and have a body itch some times all my body sometimes in patches. what makes me feel better and not itch is a daily dose of Clarittin. i take it every day. and i don't itch. it is little bit expensive but is over counter drug.
855maverick replied to Stellaaa101's response:
This sounds EXACTLY like me. I am currently on 1 generic ZZyrtec in the am and 2 generic benadryls in the pm. Even with that, sometimes I still have to take an additional lorantidine. The dr. asked me where all I itched and I told him "Everywhere I have skin". And I was not kidding!
glknapp responded:
the back of my head has been itching for over a, I don't have bugs & the Dr didn't see anything...the rest of my skin doesn't itch, it hurts!!!
ddee629 responded:
Try mixing virgin olive oil and butter. I use it for my grandson eczema. Yes my skin itches and burns. Good luck
floating1 responded:
I have dealt with Fibro so long that I get very exhausted from
chronic pain.I do have eczema and have had bouts with itching I would have to get injections. They just say it is eczema.The
way it starts at times is just one place on my arm or hands and I soon have to put ice on that as I have scratched until it get a sore..
wilinili responded:
Do you take pain meds? Hydocodone will make you itch like crazy.