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forgot the good news... lol...
dakotaspirit1957 posted:
you will have to excuse me... i am on a manic high... could use a good one for a few days... lol...

but i have been checked... my pneumonia is gone... i now have my nasty sinuses but nothing else... i can breathe again... lol...

my other pain always takes a mild break.when i am on a manic high... most so when i crash... it started this afternoon... usually goes 3- 8 days... only problem being... i need the nasty depression that follows to not last it's usual time... i have a lot to accomplish in 2 weeks... this is not cool...

how do you dispose of old meds... i know i have some i need to get rid of... just don't know how...

i am so excited about living sorta on my own... i will be in a cottage my daughter has 4 feet from her house... i think we are talking baby monitors or a camera with sound she has...her husband said he will rig a cow bell... ok... that's going too far... lol...

ok... have i rambled enough... i just can't quit talking... lol...

pain and weakess/fatigue... i am wired... God allow me to use some of this energy for the good...

Dang... i wanna sleep... but tossing and turning is hard on my broken arm... lol...

take care... take a wee nap for me...

love... jan/dakota
bette_kaffitz responded:

If there are no convenient pill disposal days in your town, try throwing your old pills in something like old coffee grounds and then into the trash. The coffee grounds discourage animals--including the human kind-- from taking a sample bite of your meds.

Hey, 4 feet from your daughter's house! Your own house. Her own house. Yet you can be together whenever you both feel like it. Perfect. Just be sure to set some boundries. Your daughter and son-in-law need their privacy to live their own lives. Don't become one of THOSE mother-in-laws.

Hope your high mellows out to be something sustainable and full of quiet joy.

katmandulou responded:
Being that close to your DD is fantastic! When I was a kid we had an elderly neighbor who couldn't speak. (He lost his larynx to cancer.) He couldn't get on the phone and call for help, so my Dad put a buzzer in our cellar, under the kitchen, and ran a cable to his house. If Mr M needed help, he'd press the button.

As for the meds, bring them to your pharmacy. They know how to dispose of them properly.

debrabrooks1960 responded:
Dear Jan/Dakota,
Check with your local pharmacy. Some of them will dispose of your meds for you. Also check with your doctor's staff. They will usually know where you can dispose of them. I know a long time ago we threw them down a toliet. Luckily we do not do that anymore. Good luck and if you would not mind, let us know what you find out.

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