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Bette and Fmily
booch007 posted:
Geez Bette what a great posting yesterday. I was right there in the field looking up at the sky and saw that apple write so well.
A positive in the negatives .

I have to laugh but I am concerned as a Nana....they never changed the baby the first night! Nursing came in and found the baby soaked...the bed and blanket soaked....YIKES.

As a Nana now I couldn't sleep last night. I have no idea of the babysitting background of my DIL...and I know my son has little baby knowledge.

Yikes, I couldn't sleep last night. I am sure the staff pounced on this, but I made all kinds of lists in my head last night and will commit them to paper so things are OK.

An old Pediatrician told me, "Children survive despite their parents!" I never forgot this as I made mistakes too. Even a s anurse and my Mom had 43 Foster babies cared for in our home (birth to 6 months) that was when it was bad to be a single mom and they gave the children away.................

I HAD alot of experience but still had a boo boo here and there.

But I need to list.....feed, change after burping...I didn't even see a burping go on while I was Baby doll training 101.
I am just going to make a patterned list of Feed, Burp, change..
Bath (sponge) keep warm...swaddle type of stuff and let them know I am around.

They scared me with that diaper thing......where was the staff for the night? cripes..........

I want to watch that cord too so it doesn't get infected. She is the oldest and first in her family to have a baby....her mom said she wasn't taking off so I think it is me in the role of assist.

Just got a text they are being discharged NOW...9am...not even 2 days in the hospital. Talk about being thrown OUT...

She states..."No no burping happening..." Hmm you didn't burp her or she didn't burp even though you tapped her. OK..I have my work cut out for me. The MIL who is going to have to be there...I am going to start that " I am her ein LOVE" I will help all I can....

They were up all night with her and THAT may be because of GAS from not burping!! CRAP...I do have my work cut out for me.

OK...I am out. Yes Mimi I am pacing......well trying...Nancy B .
bette_kaffitz responded:
Thanks for the feedback, Nancy. I know I'm wordy at times. Just hope that some of those words help.

Where were the kids while their newborn was laying in a soaking diaper? The diaper fairy is not going to do it for them when they get home. Whose baby is this, anyway?

I know when my kids were born--back in the dark ages--the only time the child was not in the mother's room was around 8-9 a.m. when the pediatricians made their rounds of the nursery. The rest of the time, baby was rooming in. Mom was able to breastfeed whenever the child was hungry. Nobody else cared for the baby. Dads were welcome all day and all night. And guess who changed the diapers?

Nancy, what have these kids been doing for the last 9 months? Even though you really, really want to step in, you have to be willing to let them learn. Hopefully Emily, will not get too bad of a diaper rash in the meantime.

It's time to button your lip and sit on your hands--unless they ASK for your help (or unless you feel that Emily is being neglected.)

Spoken by the non-grandmother!

booch007 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
So the story continues.....
Do you remember any snafu's that you did when you started out ? I walked in to the class* of "this is how to change a baby."...and they took it from there.

I think as they got in the room at 3am and were so out of it from the whole experience....they just didn't think at that point.

I was there when they got home and so much was set up and prepared. They had their bathing class and further breast feeding class. I checked on them later in the day by phone and then was there last night and she is doing great.

I know so much goes on at the start.....they just shocked me.
She has the pampers that have a stripe that tell if they are it can't get simpler then that. Today milk comes in and the Pediatrician visit starts the day. I saw the cradle by the window as I asked, for the it looks like life is good.

She is so precious. Last night eyes open looking at me. Me saying I am "Nana"....They are off to a good start now. There is a lactation rep who comes to the house who will assist for a bit (but I see it is going well) wish I had that in my the epidural!

So, just wanted all to know all is well.........and It will always remain a ?? on how that happened, but I bet the nurses in OB see this from time to time. They then put a little more into that room than others.

Nancy B
bette_kaffitz replied to booch007's response:

Whew! Talk about a turnaround. Sounds like Emily is in very capable, loving hands despite initial misgivings.

You are so lucky to have this beautiful gift in your life. May God shine on her and your entire family as you love and care for her.

It looks like the only way we'll get grandchildren will be if DS finds himself a ready-made family to marry into. But that would be okay too. They would still be ours to love, no matter how many other grandparents they might have. Maybe someday.

Enjoy being Nana.


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