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    gdsjoy posted:
    I am looking for anything funny that you can share that has happened due to fibromyalgia. I'm writing a romantic comedy to educate on fibro, and it will definitely show the truth of it, but I want it to still be a feel good book. I figure if cancer patients can make fun of their things then we should be able to do the same.

    Do you have any stories to share?
    missist responded:
    reply to Looking for anything funny..

    I'm not sure if this would work--but with fibro I get a lot of fibro fog sometimes. There are days that are worse than usual--especially if I am having a flare or side effect from a new med.

    A couple weeks ago I was pretty foggy and among the things I got mixed up--I put some leftover chicken in the cupboard. found it the next day when I was looking for coffee to make.

    So losing things, misplacing things, forgetting things. Leaving your purse at every restaurant you visit. that kind of thing.

    bette_kaffitz responded:

    This is kind of tragicomic. The last day I was able to work, I was in severe back pain. I taught all day bent over. Then on the way home, the double vision kicked in. It was 34 miles home, but, thankfully, most of it was on rural roads.

    Picture this: One very sore, very tired teacher is driving her station wagon home with 6 milk crates of books in the back, one hand on the wheel, and the other hand over her right eye to counter the double vision. Of course, a deer and her fawn ambled into the road and stood there. Guess they'd never seen a one-eyed driver before.

    Once we had established who had the right of way (them), I was able to continue towards home. Three miles down the road--even with one eye--I noticed the annual great snapping turtle migration. Three of the reptiles were ever so slowly crossing the road back to the pond where they live. They had chosen that day to lay their eggs.

    Finally, the heroic teacher is home. She parks in the middle of the front lawn and lurches onto the front porch. Curses, no one's home. The door's locked. She has to go back to the car for her keys. Crawl, crawl. Then, keys in hand, she has to cover that right eye again to see the keyhole in the front door. She drops the keys. Then, working by feel, she opens the portal to her sanctuary, her salvation.

    Of course, hubby and sons were in the living room watching TV all the time.

    99% of it is true.

    gdsjoy replied to missist's response:
    That is hilarious! I've put the phone in the fridge. Love the chicken in the cupboard, that is awesome!
    gdsjoy replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Oh my word! Were they really home? That is too crazy.
    I have to tell you, the lady in the book is a teacher. I used to teach but my fibro didn't flare until after I left teaching to ave a baby. If you have any other funny stories of things that may have happened in the classroom, I'd love to hear those too!
    missist replied to gdsjoy's response:
    Bette-- is double vision a fibro thing? Never knew that, and I've had it a little bit lately.
    missist replied to gdsjoy's response:
    Gdsjoy-- leftover chicken stored in cupboard--is not very good actually. LOL. but I would not be surprised to hear the fridge ring either.
    bette_kaffitz replied to gdsjoy's response:
    Yes, they were really home. Didn't hear me come home because the TV was so loud. There must have been some major fibrofog going on for me to think the door was locked.

    bette_kaffitz replied to missist's response:

    That was a side effect of a muscle relaxant I was on. I forget the trade name, but the generic name is methocarbamol--I think. (This was in 1998.) I was seeing a neuro-opthamologist and being tested for myasthenia gravis and heaven only knows what else. As soon as I stopped the med, the double vision cleared up. I mean I was wearing a black contact lens in my right eye to allow me to actually see with the remaining left eye.

    Mary, sit down with your doctor or pharmacist and go over every last prescription, over the counter, and supplement that you take--even the vitamins. Sometimes a perfectly good drug will go bonkers when it encounters some other substance.

    bette_kaffitz replied to gdsjoy's response:

    I taught handicapped adults. (I hated trying to teach jr. hi science.) It was teacher heaven. Any discipline or behavior problems were immediately handled by the students' therapists!

    The down side was that I taught in 3 different facilities and had to do any copy machine work at our consolidated center before or after work on the days I taught in the same town. I taught basic adult education and high school equivalency to students who had "graduated" from special ed classes at 21 and were either in psychiatric day treatment or a sheltered workshop. I carried milk crates full of k-12 books and workbooks in Reading, Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. I always drove a station wagon.

    Those boxes of books were heavy, and there was no way to leave supplies at my "classrooms" because they were used for other groups on the days I wasn't there. I served all of these student/clients in a two-county area for 11 years. I miss my job. Most of all, I miss my students--some of whom were with me for the whole ll years. (Half of the time, I was helping them retain skills they already had but were in danger of losing.)

    gdsjoy replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Oh my goodness, Bette. Bless your heart for all you did for them. That is a huge gift you have given. I'm impressed you were able to do that as long as you did. That had to be painful.

    If you think of anything funny in the classroom with them, do share.

    Now, onto the double vision thing. If you can remember the names of those things being tested and what not, can you REALLY say you have brain fog? Funny how we have those days and then we have a day every now and then when you have no trouble thinking of the words you are looking for. Ha.

    Thank you so much for everything you've shared. I appreciate everything. It's a blessing when we can find humor in the midst of our pain.
    God bless you.
    booch007 replied to gdsjoy's response:
    Bette you win on the funny....

    This is a great post.

    My story goes back to when I joined and everyone was trying to add tools to my toolbox. They said I definetly should go for the BATH instead of shower and lay in there to would work better.

    I am about 200lbs and only 5'2", so a chubby one. Which they were all aware. I also shared it is my neck that is my main issue.

    Well, off to the tub I candles lit and all the aromatherapy I could foster....I got in and tried to lower the neck into the water..............................................................

    OMG....the neck in and the belly rose as fat floats....I was stuck and numb arms and akward physique I couldn't get out...all you heard was "HELP ME" "HELP ME" from the bathroom and DH had to come and give a hand to get me out.

    The board was informed immediately with alot of chuckles of what happened to me....and this is where trial and error for your toolbox comes in. TUBS are not for me, showers only are safer!!.

    That is one of my funnies..........not!

    dollbug replied to booch007's response:
    OMG*****you WIN*****.....Nana B....I laughed really hard at reading this just now....I have been here a while but I do not remember ever hearing this story.

    When we FMers have so many *health issues* to deal with....a bath is NOT something I can do either. I have 2 bad knees plus weak hands as well....I use to love to soak in a bath tub....but I have NOT done this in years and would NEVER even attempt to do it now.

    Hot showers though with lavender bath salts in a stopped up drain....OMG....can make the body feel so good....especially right before bedtime. This is so very relaxing to the mind and the body as well.

    Thanks for the laugh today.


    missist replied to dollbug's response:
    LOL Nancy B...
    one reason why I wanted a hot tub.
    much bigger.
    Melas replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    Too funny and a great story. I have my own stories, but unfortunately I can;t blame it on fibro since i didn't have it when my situations occurred. I call them "blonde moments"

    Thanks for the chuckle Bette

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