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Ditched my Vitamin B & D supplements
Wolfsong452 posted:
got to the point where, ohhhh, my aching tummy.

B's made me blerk! almost toss the cookies.

D's just wasn't strong enough. (both of this I got from the pharmacy at a reduced rate)

yeah saving money is good, but, they only have certain brands.

ewwww! not for me.

gotta try something else.

I'm going to work harder to get the exact numbers from any test results.

I had some blood work the other day, along with urine.

come to find out, what they're mosting testing for is the liver and the kidneys, (hypertension)
baby sister is in 4th stage renal failure. so....

going to ask for a exact numbers for the B's the D's and whatever else anyone here can suggest.

oh yeah, got a heart murmer, now that's been an on again off again thing.

though the past few years, it's more on than off.

I do have rosecea, oh fun! going to ask for a different med. for that, even though my face is looking very good, what's mostly wrong is the top of the breast area, chest. nothing is working on that.

oh bother, sitting here at work, it's almost 2 am, have to go on patrol,

have fun all night stalkers!

hey, most of us are awake or not sleeping well. So, that's what we are!

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