Skin infections, anyone?
meg_k posted:
Hi, all, besides the lovely and exciting Shingles I am getting recurrent Impetigo (staph or strep skin infections). I never had any of this before in my whole life-before-fibro.

It has got to be related to our immune dysfunction.

Does anyone else have weird skin stuff happening.


P.S. Another beautiful day in MN. 72 and sunny. Take care, all!
bette_kaffitz responded:
Meg, are you sure that this is bacterial? My nurse practicioner asked me to try antifungal cream on the sores I got on my face folds. She was right. I get recurring fungal problems under the "girls", below my belly, and in the left groin--but never on my feet! My dentist says I have fungal infections in my mouth sometimes too.

I think it stems from the C-diff I got in 2005 while recovering from a hip replacement. They kill off the good bacteria with the bad. Of course, you need those antibiotics with surgery, but it would be nice if yogurt, etc. could repopulate your flora better.

meg_k replied to bette_kaffitz's response:

I am going in to Dr on Friday, so I will ask to be sure. I have bad fungal problems on my feet and "elsewhere" so I wouldn't doubt it.

Last Dr. said for sure it was bacterial and the cream he gave me cleared it up immediately. The return of it is in the exact same spot as last time.

Meantime, I just ate my yogurt!

Have you tried any of the other "probiotics" out there, or some of the teas they recommend with the yeast/fungus die-off regimens that are out there. I haven't but I've wondered if they are worth a try.

Take care, Bette!

Meg K