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Correlation questions
Melas posted:
I have two questions for this group and I apologize if they've been addressed in the past (just blame these questions on the newbie).

Does anyone notice a difference with high humidity and its affect on fibro?

Has anyone talked to a neurologist about the link between mitochondrial dysfunctions and fibro? I've read some scientific journals on that and my type 1 diabetes is from a mitochondrial mutation. Although as I earlier stated I am very healthy, at least according to all my labs:)
missist responded:
think most of us wilt in high humidity. dunno about the 2nd question. --But welcome newbie!
bette_kaffitz responded:

Humidity is my downfall. It doesn't matter whether its hot and humid or cold and damp--I go into flares. Some of my best days are when it is below zero but crisp and dry.

I have had a neurologist treat me with meds for lupus, chronic fatigue, and lyme. He also had me do a step-down treatment with steroids. (You start with a high dose and lower it every day until you are finally down to zero on the 14th day.) It snapped me out of my worst ever (and longest lasting) flareup, but did not effect my baseline pain or fatigue levels.

It would make sense if the mitochondrae were involved, though. They are the body's energy factories. Of course, we all have very little energy to spare. I know there is a lot of fibro research going on right now that could lead to more answers to our questions. At least it might lead to better questions.

Stay here. Help us out. We'll try to help you, too. Together we can laugh at our foibles and cry over the REALLY bad times. (Like the Thanksgiving morning when I woke up crying and couldn't think enough to know I was crying in pain. An existing sinus infection had been joined at 3 a.m. by a migrane. Believe me, if you can reason, IT AIN'T LEVEL 10 PAIN.)

Hope you never get THERE.

Melas replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Thanks for the feedback. Right now I'm on Lyrica and doc is trying to get the right dose for me. Fibro seems to be getting worse. I know that this will be worked out somehow, someway. I just have to stay positive, active and keep my sense of humor.
meg_k replied to Melas's response:
Melas, Humid days are the worst for me! I trace it to yeast. Yeast reproduce more in humidity, and I know I have issues with this because of the chronic fungal infections on my feet & toenails (yuck) that worsen in humidity. There is some thought (controversial) that yeast/fungal overgrowth in your body, worsened on humid days, can contribute to pain & fatigue.

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