Why is our pain worse at night?
debrabrooks1960 posted:
I was just wondering if anyone knows why my pain is worse at night. I noticed that if I lay down in the day time for a nap that I do not hurt. But let me go to bed when it is dark, I start to hurt, itch and burn right away. I have never understood what night time has to do with pain. I wish I could work all night and sleep all day. I wonder if my pain would be better. Sadly working night shift is not possible for me. I was just wondering if anyone else noticed this or am I the only one this happens to.
Debbie Lewis
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missist responded:
good question. I'm always stiffest in the morning and at night too. very definite difference.

I tried a 3rd shift job--for 2 days.. could not do it, I was dizzy.
1Secretary responded:
I can be uncomfortable but able to manage my pain during the day. I can even feel fine during the evening at home. However, when I go to sleep, that's when the pain flares terribly. I can feel all the nerves tingling in my arms and legs and then can't find a comfortable position to sleep in. Usually, I'll get up and go into the living room to read for a while, until I feel drowsy enough to fall asleep. Sometimes I try sleeping on the couch for a couple of hours. I'll also sing hymns, pray and quote Scripture to myself as I try to find a comfortable position. Night time can be difficult. I always wonder where the pain comes from.
nononsenselady replied to 1Secretary's response:
Won't your doctor give you any sleeping meds or anxiety medicine to help you sleep?