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Spot on xray
missist posted:
so I was at the spine dr today and got an xray. it didn't id any issued with lumbar spine, so he ordered an mri-that's next. Only thing is there is a pretty well defined looking dark spot on one of my pelvic bones--I think its called ilium. He said it was 'air' or a 'shadow.' and that the mri would show everything better.

so I have this photo copy of the xray and I keep staring at it.

I guess I'll be happy when I get the mri--cuz it just looks so suspicious to me.

Anyhow, echo tomorrow am, and neuro in the afternoon.

busy me. hopefully things are fine and all I need is some PT again, maybe migraine RX. But then there's always other possibilities too, so I guess I'll just have to not think about those.

I come from a long line of hypochondriacs though, so I know I will obsess about this spot LOL. its just in my genetic code.


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