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What day is it today???? Hump Day ****9/25/2013 ****
dollbug posted:
A good Hump Day to each of you...nearing the end of another month... MiMi in NC and it is a fall like morning - kind of cool with a chance of showers today. I do hope everyone had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all, with little to no pain.

It will soon be Halloween which I guess is one of my least favorite has changed big time over the years from when I was a little girl. (and the changes mostly have been due to safety issues) Now most parents allow their children to go to organized parties instead of trick or treating...this time has become more of a *BIG PROFIT* for businesses instead of any thing else. It seems like this has been the case for a lot of *holidays* instead of them having real true meaning of actually celebrating something. I guess this is the sign of the times.

Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group. I am sure that each of you will soon find something that will help you cope better. It does take a trial and error process to find the *right combination of tools* which will perhaps work *wonders and change your life in dealing with the wrath of the dragon, aka FM*. Hang in here with us and learn all you can about what others have tried and found to make a difference for them.

We are all different though and what works for one may or may not make a difference for you. It is a process, no matter what you decide to try...which does take time and effort. A person should allow at least 6-8 weeks of whatever they are trying before making up their mind as to whether or not it is helping.

Vitamin important for a lot of people these days. Low Vitamin D can make a difference in some people's pain level...I know it certainly did for me...and it can also affect other illnesses as well.

For new members...check out the info under *tips* and *resources* and be sure and review the *member toolbox* where you will find lots of good tools that perhaps you have NOT thought of.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Have a good day and remember to pace, pace and pace even more. Your body and your mind will thank you for doing so.



missist responded:
Good Tuesday Morning Folks! Mimi, and all the rest to come.

I had my lower spine xrayed yesterday and am getting mri sometime soon. It didn't show what I was expecting--have had troubles with both my legs & sitbones for a little over a year. The discs all look ok, but MRI may show more. There was a spot on one side of pelvic bone area, dr said its a shadow--I probably should not have looked at it cuz it does not look like 'just a shadow or air' to me. But what do I know?

Anyhow today I have echo recheck on heart, have those done periodically. Also finally seeing the neurologist this afternoon.

So I am just sitting here watching the ducks on the lake and the sun moving higher, between some clouds. It rained in the night which is nice so I won't have to water anything today.

I have my etsy shop closed for little time out--and to decide if I am going to keep making things of wood or not. I want to move into paper more-- art cards, prints. But there really is nothing in my shop now that is paper. I have sold a few paper items, custom orders. Its a good time for me--I can just relax and give it thought and explore prints & cards and see if there is a reasonable market for such things. I envision myself doing small paintings and some tied with quotes or bible verses or poems. I would have them be all ready made or just need to print. Currently most of my work is custom made to order, and I guess I'd like to have a little less of the stress that comes with doing custom wedding work.
But we shall see... I'm still not sure if I will make that jump fully or just dabble my way in. Like sticking a toe in the water then a foot..

I know one thing--I did need a rest from it. I have 2 orders in varying degrees of done but neither has to be shipped this week--the weddings are a ways off.

So I have shelved it all at least for today.

I'm spending some time drawing and looking at favorite verses and poems. Relaxing.

Hope you all are well and happy today!
missist replied to missist's response:
Well.. this will be an interesting week coming up. I'm getting mri for both ends, an eeg & some blood work. Saw the neuro--and I did show her that xray--she says it could actually be just what he said--'air' or a shadow. so the mri will say more.

She is checking why I'm having seizures-which is what she calls them. Anyhow so now I have a word instead of 'episodes' or 'weirdness'.

I'm going have my head looked at well and if there is nothing found she is going to start adjusting my meds.

I feel so much better knowing that soon I will get some answers.

mnjeepguy responded:
Good evening everyone, it's been a rough week here. I worked all Sunday helping big sister move as I said, but Monday brought grueling heat up three stories inside the mill, for 10 hours. Tuesday was the same for 9. It was a hard job with lots more heavy lifting. Today was my usual long day and lasted almost 10 hrs. It felt easy compared to the previous 2. Today it all caught up with me. I made it longer than I thought I would. Here's hoping I make it through Friday without a serious problem. As an added bonus, I acquired a cold Monday. I have not had one in at least 5 years. It is those combined efforts have me in a bad spot. I am getting sharp stabbing pains all over tonight.

On a good note I can see the end of the week from here. I am a glass half full kind of guy. The worst should be behind me. I may be able to leave early Friday, but may stay for the overtime. We will see.

The weather is still very nice and with slightly above normal temps. I can't believe how fast the month has gone by. I still have lots of winter prep to do. This weekend is rest, next weekend are night shifts. I will get it all done as usual, I just have to get on the ball soon.

I wish you all the best, have a good night and take care everyone.

bette_kaffitz responded:
Hi to all,

Mimi's right about the changes in how we celebrate Halloween.
When I was little we only did a dress up at school and Trick-or-Treat on our own block. No roving bands of strange kids came around. I never heard of mischief night until I was out of high school. (Of course, graduation night was the first time I was at a party where there was liquor. Others did; my date and I did not.

Mary, it's good you're getting some idea of what is going on, but having seizures does not sound all that great. It sounds as if your neurologist knows what's what. If she seems like someone you could work with, you might spend more time with her and less with those who don't seem to care. When I was seeing the neuro-opthalmologist, I asked HER who was a good fibromyalgia doctor. That's how I found the great neuro who finally found a way to break the headaches, and general pain level. It would be great if you found your perfect match.

Cory, I know you're young. I know jobs are tough to find in this economy. I also know that you are killing yourself with the combination of hard, physical labor and long hours in a less than ideal environment. I know you're waiting to change your life until your wife is through with college. Keep exploring your options. There has to be a better way.

I hate to tell you this, but your fibro probably will not get better over the years. When you add in the osteoarthritis that most of us start noticing in our 40's and 50's (but is more apt to come earlier for those who overwork their joints), you have a perfect formula for more pain. More pain--from any source--will trigger your fibro to go into overdrive, giving you more flares and more serious flares.

You talked about going back to school after your wife is done with her studies. Start making those plans now. Any financial aid applications should be mailed in as early in January as you can do this. It's all right to estimate your earnings from the year that ended in December. Adjustments will be made when your final figures are in. When I started college, I had state and federal grants equal to my tuition. I only had to borrow for books, gas, and incidentals. My first 2 years were in a state school; the second 2 were in a private college. The grants at the private school were large enough so that I actually had fewer out of pocket expenses there. Like I said, explore all your options. Doing this now will give you a goal and a sense that your life can and will change. This is important.

mnjeepguy replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Bette, thanks for the wisdom. I am young at 38. I do need to look at my options. I have several, being of moderately high intelligence. People have always told me I should be in school and can do better for myself. The issue? I make 50k a year and work close to home with fair job security. I can regroup and live on less, but it is hard to just change.

I have a harder time every year working my job. Ostio showed its head in my 20's, I had noticeable wear in my knees and spine. I have never truly found my calling. I better start soon before the poo hits the fan.

I have thought about quiting my job and cashing in my retirement. It's a good chunck of money since inception at 18. I dreamed of paying off the house, going to school, and starting fresh. Never wise to cash in, but I have time to recoup. I fight with decisions.

So I continue on, not knowing what to truly do, but with options. It's hard to know the next move. I keep thinking exactly what you said, there has to be a better way. I need to find it, soon.

bette_kaffitz replied to mnjeepguy's response:

Have you ever taken an aptitude test? It's a test you cannot pass or fail! It's designed to zero in on the types of job you would LIKE doing. It might be a place to start.

And remember, I started college at 37. (I don't count the semester I never completed at 18.) If I hadn't done that, we would really be hurting now--as opposed to hurting just a little because I went on disability at 54 with just 11 years in my retirement system.

And Cory, think long and hard before cashing in your retirement. No one knows how much he'll need in later years. This is doubly true for those of us with fibro. Anyone can become disabled and stop working years too soon. Anyone with a chronic condition must be more aware of that possibility. It is sad. It is also true.

Of course, you're bright. It takes smarts to cope with fibro--and not just b***h about it.

mnjeepguy replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
I will likely not cash in, we need it so much later. I feel I am no amazing brain, but that no job is as hard as it seams. The physical part is becoming a challenge. I like to work and move, but working my butt off is harder every day.

I am blessed. and people have told me that, but:

I do struggle every single day. It is still a tough job that is hard for me to do.

I need this input, thanks.

More tomorrow, have a good night.


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