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Nana B's sweet Emily Grace****what a beauty...
Anon_501 posted:
missist responded:
so sweet!! Congrats!
bette_kaffitz responded:
You're right! She's just perfect. Beautiful. Sweet.

She somehow looks a few weeks older than a newborn. I don't know what it is, but she seems more alert, more aware of her surroundings. She's not red-faced like most newborns.

But, whatever, she is one marvelous child.


P.S. I DID tell you how envious I am of you, didn't I?
booch007 replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
Thanks guys,

She has the look of jaundice here. But her skin is perfect and Thank God Mom has lots of milk and feeding is going well. He is growing and sleeping. A GOOD baby.

I just fear....I have a saying "if they come in like a lion they turn to a lamb, and if they are a LAMB (as a baby) they turn into a lion (teens)....

It was true for most of the kids I have seen grow up! We'll see...she is as good as gold though and I am so happy for them.

A joy no one can explain unless the Nana shoes are put on them.

Thanks again, Nancy B
missist replied to booch007's response:
she looks a little like gramma doesn't she? I know you love being the Granny, cuz I do too. We've got #5 coming in the spring.
booch007 replied to missist's response:
Man I could take 6 or 7...if the kids could afford the raising of that many...$$$$$ ! I think not. 2 is the average in the family for most.

With the genetic issues we still have to wait and see8 for this one. Meaning the problem can express up to the age of 3...with learning disabilities etc. There is Fragile X in this child, and she has taken more from the Mother it seems to until her numbers are done..we just move forward like everyone else. The Mom doesn't want to know the babies numbers we wait.

It really only matters when she is ready to have children....even if there are disabilities, little changes to make this better. A diet and a med have been tried and things are always we'll see. She is perfect right now, so that is what we have. .

Hugs, NanaB
bette_kaffitz replied to booch007's response:

About the good babies turning into helions, my older son slept through the night from the day we brought him home. When his brother was born 14 months later, he was ready to give up his crib for a bed. Every night, we'd make a game of picking up all the toys and tossing them into his toy chest right before bathtime. His brother, who cried from 1 a.m. till at least 5:30 every night until he was 13 months old (Yes, that's the same time the fibro started.) was hyperactive, ADD, behaviorly handicapped, and finally diagnosed at 17 as schizophrenic. And they are both fine, decent people. I am proud of them both and of the men they have become.

At the same time, I am sure that one of the reasons our older son waited so long to start dating is that he is worried about the chance of having a handicapped child. There is a chance, but it is really minor. No one in either hubby's or my family had anything like that.

But we were discussing a wonderful, new life called Emily. All life is precious. A much awaited grandchild is priceless. Enjoy her.


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