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Thursday ****9/26/2013 ****
dollbug posted:
Morning FMily...MiMi in NC..I woke up too early this morning again. Eye allergies are back and I think actually worse this time than before. I still have no idea why but it does not help me at all. It seems to always be something going on.

It is going to be a nice fall day and the week-end is looking good.
I continue to hope that fall will be nice and long this year. I wouldn't even mind skipping winter time this year. Just continue fall and then skip to spring time. (I can always hope) Funny thing though as I would have to deal with the allergies...I guess it would not be a good idea afterall.

I do hope each of you had a good night's rest and I hope today will be a good day for us all...with little to no pain.

Welcome to the new members. I am sure that soon you will find something that will help you cope better.

Vitamin D. Be sure and ask your doctor about getting your level checked.

That's all. I will try to return later once my medicine kicks in.

Enjoy today and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


booch007 responded:
Good morning all and Mimi,

So many are having Fall Allergy issues, post nasal drip running in the lead.....I am up since 4a.m with pain. Took a heating pad and my pain meds to get reset, doing better now. I have Sela going to the animal hospital today for surgery......

Hard to make her NPO* she is so hungry. I am hiding here on the computer, she needs to be in at 8:30 and then I shoot off to work.

The baby is doing so well, we are blessed from many sides I would say. And the things that are wrong are overshodowed by the joy, so they are tucked to the side.......good stuff.

I moved my office at work only to see it wasn't a good fit, and then a miracle Attending moved to that spot and gave me his*, that was so I can do my work in peace but I can have my music on (that I love) and all will know where to find me. I settled in last night. Just some tweaking today to get the drawers and workspace right for my needs. I need a chair that doesn't challenge the neck. I have been using a stool but long term it is not right, I should have a chanir with a back and arms.

Today I will work on that. It is a joy to have a home, for 6 months I was a squatter and running all over the place to help the office function (putting out fires) now I have a *home and am getting setttled in my role and making this work.

Miss the patients, there is never a job in life that is joyful if there is NO people interaction.....(I am a person as many here are too, who......are people who need people (like the song**)

Well today is cool and great...I love this weather I AM ALIVE in this weather.....hope you can find a great day today during your struggles.....

Hugs as always, Nancy B

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