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    OT menopause.
    Wolfsong452 posted:
    sheesh. have been in menopause, or lets say past for at least 4 years or more. No menstrual cycle.

    well, got sick last weekend, blamed it on Taco Bell, cold sweat, chills, woke up at night shaking cold, but sweating seriously.

    bummer! a couple of days later, digestive problems, spent a whole lot of time running to the bathroom.

    well. got real boo hooing on Wed. felt like it's normal FM depression,
    not enough boyfriend time-feeling neglected etc,

    feeling sorry for myself, to much sodas, not eating correctly etc. the soda thing and eating, is normal for me.

    well woke up on Thurs. guess what?

    yep, that time of the month,


    it's been how long?

    talk about cramps, and all that other things that go with it.


    well it's almost over, going to be making a doctor visit, just to make sure nothing is going on.

    not wanting this to come back each month!

    medicines I'm on have been stable for months, quite a few months,

    melatonin isn't taken very regular, Diet is no better or worse than usual.

    same thing with stress,


    sorry tried not to get to much info, but darn it!

    who'd have thought it'd come back after 4 years plus,

    oh by the way I'll be 56 Christmas day!
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Wow! What a nasty surprise. Obviously, something managed to ramp up your hormones and send a message or two to your ovaries, and uterus. It could just be something you ate that had a surplus of hormones in it. (Think of these 7 year old girls sprouting breasts from hormone-fed chicken.)

    On the other hand, there could be something VERY wrong. Please see your Gynecologist ASAP. Reassure yourself. Then you can reassure us, too. It's amazing how much we can care for each other.

    missist replied to bette_kaffitz's response:
    well now, my prayer list for you is getting pretty long! I'll stick that on there. Take care! I've had a similar surprise this week--but I'm not years off, just months and that's a little more normalish. You just never know, probably you are fine--but yah.. call the doc. God Bless! Mary
    Wolfsong452 responded:
    thanks all, just another surprise that's been happening to me.

    got a call into the PCP, hope to hear from them soon.
    booch007 responded:
    Good morning,

    This is how those 50y/o women have the woops-a-dentle pregnancy! It is never a finish until the doc gets levels and checks you and says it's over.

    I lucked out and had a hyserectomy. I have to laugh I don't even remember the monthy issues....maybe besause now there are SO many others that took it's place! Lol !

    Hope you see that GYN and get a good check up......bone scan and breasts too. .

    Nancy B
    Wolfsong452 replied to booch007's response:
    I'd been to the doctor back in the spring, they asked when was my last cycle. Gave them all the info. Also had a GYN exam, had a mamogram in Feb. everything was normal.

    Got a call into the PCP for next week, lets hope I can get an appt. quickly.

    What do you mean by Levels? and checking me to see if it's over.

    I thought they went on the last period thing, how long etc.
    bette_kaffitz replied to Wolfsong452's response:

    Don't you remember reading about that 60 year old who took a bunch of hormones so she could carry a baby for her daughter and son in law? With the right mix of female hormones, you too could go that route.

    Please make that apt. If your primary can't figure out what's going on, see your GYN. There are a lot of scary (as in non pregnant) things that could be going on. Don't sit around worrying. Find out for sure.

    Wolfsong452 replied to booch007's response:
    haven't had a bone scan, but have had the others

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