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lbookter posted:
Does anyone know if crazy, severe itching mainly on arms, legs, and back is a symptom of Fibro?
moxie1956 responded:
The only time I get crazy, severe itching is when I have more than 1000mg of acetaminophen in my system. This does not mean that itching is not one of your FMS symptoms. I tend to get very chilly just b4 a flare and not everyone experiences that sensation.

Talk to your doctor and rule out other causes for the itching. I hope you find relief.
Featherlight Hugs,
booch007 responded:
Good morning,

I have to say from reading posts for years here. ANY SENSATION you feel can be from FMS.......

I get itchy where my trigger points are, (alternating with pain) I found a collapsable back scratcher in the pharmacy that I use to get the spots. This is fairly a new problem. I even had a dermatologist remove a section on my back where a growth was because it was so itchy. He said "I'll take it away, but I think your itching will remain" . Thank God he was wrong....but Yes it can be a sensation you need to find a tool for.

Be sure that it is not an allergy of something you ate. No rash? No other symptoms (heart rate up?) anxious? all of this can be reactionary to something your body sees as foreign and you need to be seen.

If it is FM this is better than having the burning pain sensations people speak of. You can try warm water or cool water to settle the nerves. I say both as you never know what the fix is for each of us. Winter is coming and the air dries out in humidity and lotions can be helpful for this cause.

HA! I have to laugh...I am scratching here as I write this. My mind over matter problem. I'll be the one yawning like crazy too......Open to suggestion I guess this is.

So, I think yes it can be FM but you need to be sure it wasn't something you ate or took into your body and you had a reaction to it. Good luck, keep up up on the results and what you figured otu.

Nancy B
boop1967 replied to moxie1956's response:
I get real cold before flare up also but don't get itchy.
bette_kaffitz replied to boop1967's response:

Any time my hands get cold and achy, I wind up with a flare up within 1 or 2 days. So, I get my gloves out as soon as the temp goes below 50 outside. It may look crazy, but it feels sane.

I've also been known to don the gloves inside if the woodstove goes out overnight or otherwise has a tantrum. You do what you have to do.


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