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twitching body jumps
missfinesse posted:
I am now having twitching and servere violent jumos while sleeping that literally causes me anxiety. It feels like someone shook me very hard cause I couldn't awaken. Wat is this and should I be concerned. The twitches tend to happen on my foot, butt, shoulders in chest.
missist responded:
Hi, I have some twitching too & numbness--
It could be something like restless leg syndrome which does go with fibro often. However I am getting it checked out, seeing a neurologist. If I were you I'd see if anything else is happening and call your doctor about it--as it could be completely fine-- but there are possibilities that it also could be something you need to treat.

franr responded:
Hi Miss Finesse
Yes it could be restless leg syndrome/And there are medication to help with this. Or your blood labs maybe off. Sometimes when potassium is low you can experience muscle spasms which cause your muscles to jump. I experience this this past winter. Please check with your MD. There is also supplements he can order to help with these symptoms.Good luck and let us know how it goes...Fran R

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