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    Did we forget Tuesday?
    bette_kaffitz posted:
    Hi Everyone.

    Bummer. Our hillside has lost all the brilliant reds and bright oranges of leaves already. We had some hard rains a week ago that did them in. Wellsville is having its annual Ridgewalk charity event on Sunday. They have various lengths of walks, runs, and--new for this year--a bike ride, and a senior nature walk. Some of you would laugh at our "highest ridge in Western New York" at 2650 ft., but it seems high to us easterners. It is just a shame that the best leaves are gone AND that the daytime high will probably only be 47. But the participants come back year after year, and our community certainly benefits from the event.

    Tomorrow I'm having a nerve conductivity test to help find out what's going on in my neck/shoulders/arms/ hands. I swear, one of these mornings I won't be able to get out of the bedroom if these hands don't start working. Grabbing and turning the doorknobs or a cap from a milk jug is really bad. I have tools to help with jars and bottles, but they are all in the kitchen--precious little help getting out of the bedroom some rotten morning. It's like my hands were exchanged for claws with my fingers always bent (as if they were grasping one of those darn doorknobs)

    Hope you all had a good long weekend, and a great TUESDAY--which is practically over.

    Dolly always reminds us about Vitamin D on her daily posts. Let me add a warm bath/shower every morning and every night. Boy, does this make a difference in your FM.

    ajnsmom responded:
    Hi Bette,
    I think we may have the same hand problem. Years ago, my doc diagnosed me with Dupryens Syndrome, not sure I'm spelling it right, but anyway, it's where your fingers want to curl up and become hard to straighten out. There's no lasting treatment that I'm aware of, but when mine start doing that, I try to stretch the fingers out more often. Also had to wear a finger splint during some nights to avoid that awful "pop" and pain when a finger is acting up. I think "trigger finger" is another name for it or it may be a different condition.

    I've been waking up lately with numb hands and feet. It might be circulation problems as I'm diabetic and recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. Anyway, I pray that your hands will get better soon.

    Linda S.
    missist replied to ajnsmom's response:
    Hi Bette & Linda.. I don't remember if we forgot Tuesday. Its amazing to forget things so fast and frequently.

    Anyhow about hands-- I've had 2 nerve conductivity test on the same issue-- LOL. one dr said it was caused my neck; the other said it was carpal tunnel. I'm thinking its both. But that doesn't help much. Of all the things that bother me hands/wrists/fingers--and my Left thumb-- are worst. Its amazing how many things you need hands for.

    I wish you luck on the test, hope it is helpful.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Bette, your problem sounds like the one I am having right now as well.

    Had deep massage, heat and electro done Monday ( PT ) and same things is scheduled for today as well. I had the Rheumy check it out and They aren't sure what is going either. But he sent me in for the PT that I got Monday, that on top of the neck traction PT I'm already getting. Honestly I do feel better and the hand, thumb thing is better. Not gone, but better today.

    Do hope your tests show what's going on and that they are able to quickly treat you so you can feel back to normal.
    Gentle Hugs, Linda R
    bette_kaffitz replied to missist's response:
    Linda and Mary,

    The nerve conductivity tests turned out "just slightly below normal--no big deal." Seems to me I've heard that a few times before.

    The testing was done by my pain doctor. He suggested "Radio Frequency Ablation" for the constant pain at L-4 and suggested an MRI for my spine. The last one was 5 years ago and showed narrowing in both the cervical and lumbar areas. I just don't know anymore.

    Maybe this is just the way I'm supposed to feel at 70. If so, it s**ks!

    Maybe, next week when the cooler weather is truly here and the rain may actually leave us, maybe then my attitude will improve. Usually, I try to look on the bright side.

    Linda, many of the B.P. meds do a number on your libido. If this happens to you, make sure your doc switches you to another drug. Don't let a silly thing like that interfere with your live's simple pleasures.

    Mary, I thought it was in the neck, too. My thumb is not really involved, so that should rule out carpal tunnel, shouldn't it? But what do I know? Me and my claws will hang on until I cannot open the bedroom door one morning.

    Towards better days (and yes, we all know they will come).


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