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phentermine and fibro pain
An_253988 posted:
I have been taking phentermine for weight loss for two months. Within a few days I felt a big change in my pain level. I had also stopped drinking soda which also made a big difference. Before the phentermine I was having to wait in the car while my husband did our grocery shopping, etc. I couldn't stand longer than a minute or two. I was in pain all night every night. Now my only fibro symptom is I wear out quickly. I don't know why it works but I know that it does. Along with those benefits I have lost 20 pounds.
missist responded:
Have you checked blood pressure during this?

Just wonder how it is.

I know some stimulant type meds make me feel great - like sudafed-- but its not good for hypertension.

Glad you're feeling well & losing weight.
bette_kaffitz responded:

The drugs that have been most prescribed for fibro over the years are ones that also treat depression. We just take much lower doses. Guess what your phentermine started out as? Bingo, an antidepressant.

The effect it is having on your fibro is what my nurse practicioner calls a "two fer." Don't knock it.

Please let us know how your journey through the valley of phentermine progresses. What happens when you reach your goal weight? Will you have to (or want to) continue the medication? I know that there were a lot of problems when this drug was combined in the phen/fen weight loss regimen.

It's great that you are finding this relief. Maybe some of the rest of us should try it. I know I could stand to lose some weight, too.

Anon_408 responded:
It is an appetite suppresant, and works by giving you extra energy. Thus the reason for feeling like doing more.

Any time you increase movement, it should help fibro symptoms, this being the reason they say try not to lay around and do nothing. Any stretching or small steps at walking helps with symptoms also.

Unfortunately, when a person stops the phentermine, any weight loss more likely than not will come back, unless you changed your eating habits permanently.

It does increase heart rate, and can increase blood pressure, as another poster said. I'm thinking it shouldn't be taken as a long term fix for use as a medical condition, losing wt. etc.
karoline1950 responded:
I have just began taking phentermine for weight loss and I noticed the same thing!!! I ahave been on Savella for fibromyalgia,for a few years now and this past three or four months I noticed it isn't working much anymore. I was going to go back to the doctor to see if he wanted to increase the dose, but now I just want to take it with the phentermine, since it works so well. I was wondering if anyone else with fibromyalgia had noticed this about phentermine.

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