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    Monday, Monday. ****10/21/2013 ****
    dollbug posted:
    Morning FMily. MiMi in NC. It is a really cool day here and more cooler weather is on the way. At least it is dry today and will be for a couple of days before the rain hits again. I think they said that we have frost today in some places and it will get cold enough to have more this week. I guess it is time for cooler weather though. It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, with Christmas getting closer as well.

    Here is hoping everyone had a good week-end and that today will be a good day for each of us as well, with little to no pain.

    Not too much going on with me. I am dog sitting this week. Harley is my friend for now. She is a good dog though so I do not mind her staying here. She minds me and also keeps me company too.

    Welcome to the new members who have joined our FM support group recently. I am sure that each of you will soon find some good tools which will help you cope better. This does take time and effort so hang in there and continue to try different things. We are all different and what helps one may or may not help another.

    Vitamin D. Again I would to encourage anyone who has NOT talked to your doctor about getting your level checked to remember to do this on your next visit. You just might be quite surprised at how much getting your Vitamin D back to within the *normal range* might make a difference in your pain level.

    Have a good Monday and remember to pace, pace and pace even more.


    missist responded:
    Good Monday Morning To Mimi & All who follow. I'm up in NC near Chapel Hill--where Hubby stays during most of the month. I came up for the weekend to visit and do some cleaning of his place. Heading home today--i was was going to stay another day but can't remember when I need to be back for the brain mri--I think Thursday--but now I'm wondering--was it Tuesday? LOL. well there's probably a reason I need my brain checked. I cannot remember!

    Anyhow I'm going to get going after I do some laundry and wait for traffic to die down. Want to reach Charlotte before the evening rush and then on down to home in SC .

    It is chilly up here this morning! Heavens. I woke up and saw that Hubby had put on the fireplace and space heaters he uses here. He just warms it a little with the fireplace then turns it off (it is propane) The propane bill up here can be chilling--so he has some little electric heaters to use instead. I use the same ones they have thermostats--I use them in my sunroom & we have them in our rental house too.

    Hubby is still looking for a local job so he can leave here. He also is seriously considering buying our rural trash collector's business and expanding it so that eventually he can just work for himself and not have a corporate job at all. Big dream. We shall see. It could work. We probably wouldn't have the big paycheck but I don't know that it brings that much security anyhow--and frankly if we didn't have to have a place up here and all this travelling we could live on a whole lot less.

    Well anyhow I didn't have one of those 'seizure' episodes for over a week but then Sat. pm had a very strong one--so glad I'm having that MRI soon.

    Hope it all turns out ok. Up to God.

    Hope you all stay warm, hope my orchids in the sun room didn't get upset over this--I imagine it is chilly at home too.

    God Bless,
    jillwimmersbloom replied to missist's response:
    Happy Monday from central Pennsylvania,

    It is cold here this morning and I forgot to close the windows last night. Ooops. So far I have spent the last hour sitting in my massage chair with an electric blanket (i bought a $20 twin size electric blanket to keep in my living room, i am not exaggerating when I say its the best $20 ever spent).

    I had the ultimate fibro fog moment yesterday. I ordered a bottle of bio-freeze that is the roll on kind. It didnt work too well which surprised me. Last night I tried again and was putting it on in the living room when my daughter (age looked at me and said "arent you supposed to shake it before you put it on." Yes, thats right, it never occured to me to shake the bottle.

    My sons 4th birthday was yesterday. We had his party at McDonalds. He had a great time and even better, I didnt have to do any cooking or cleaning.

    Thats about it. Hope everybody has a pain free day.
    rudyandirmouse responded:
    Good Monday morning all. I hope everyone's weekend was nice and that each of you had a chance to be out and about enjoy Fall colors.

    It was eye candy beautiful here yesterday after the fog burned off. Not really warm but nice being outside. It was foggy again today and it's burning off now. cold last night and the rest of the week. Temps falling fast and by Thursday it will be in the 20's at night. UGH cold to soon.

    Spent yesterday afternoon with DD and her little ones. Meet in a quaint little town just south of Nashville. We window shopped, bought some spices and herbs. Was on the hunt for a light weight scarf but didn't find one that I liked. Then we took the little ones to the toy store and we could find one thing they wanted. Then finished it off with a stop @ Sweet CeCe's for yogurt and sweet toppings. I got the Pumpkin Spice flavored one and yum it was good. We made a stop at a thrift / discount store that carries a hash posh of things but I didn't find a thing I wanted. DD bought a really nice Christmas train ( Lionel ) deeply discounted. Her game plan is to put it underneath her tree this year. I had one but mine went missing years ago.

    No real plans or errands for my day. I do have my standing appointment @ 1 every other day for my neck therapy and I do look forward to that. I now have an open script for the PT and when I get to where my insurance won't pay I'll wait until January and start again. It is helping. I don't fear getting a migraine outta the blue now and that's a really good thing for me.

    I do have calls to dr's office tho. I need to get my right wrist looked at as it is hurting as if I cracked a bone in it / pulled a mussel. Also need to get my bi yearly heart appointment in. I have a good heart, no issues, but I have no idea what it was that my mother died of, so prevention is the word here. So I go in every 6 months ( have been for 10 years now ) and have the test and blood work done to on the off chance it was heart disease.

    And you know checking for these things and catching anything early is the key. I go in tomorrow for my yearly GYN exam. did the Mammogram a month ago and this is just to finish my complete yearly. I go in Thursday to have some film taken off, by laser, from my left cataract lenses. Again a pain to do, but better than not going in and getting them past me. I feel kinda silly to know that I am one a hand full of seniors,I know, who went in and got the Hepatitis C test. But again better to know than not to know.

    MiMi, sorry about the rain, we had it hear for a few days. It sure is looking like Fall now and with the cold temps now it will really be Fall like. So many of the trees have colors now and I can't figure out how. It's been way to warm for them to have done that. But for sure more and more leaves will change this week and be eye candy beautiful for Halloween. I do hope the trees keep their leave a few weeks longer. Thanksgiving always seems nicer when the trees have leaves. Keeping your DD and SIK in my prayer each night.. hope it helps.

    Mary, sorry you had another seizure this past weekend and I too am glad you are getting that MIR soon. I also hope your DH gets works nearby.

    Okay, time to make calls as dr's offices are now open. So will get up and get to doing that.

    My best to all and I hope each of you has a wonderful day.
    Gentle hugs, Linda R
    katmandulou responded:
    Hi everyone!

    It's pretty darned cold here in southeastern New England, 56 right now and colder overnight. I'm pulling long-sleeved things out of the cedar box, my shorts and tank tops are wondering what they did wrong...

    A rare weekday off finds me in my home office this morning. It's two weeks since Dad's been gone, and I can't shake the feeling that he's going to call and complain about something. Yesterday we divvied up the thank you note (SO many flowers and mass cards!) and we'll coordinate cleaning out his clothes etc soon.

    Mom is still alive, but with Alzheimer's she knows nothing. The staff asked us not to tell her, she wouldn't remember anyway, and the disruption would be too great. I believe in my heart that she knows Dad's gone.

    To say the least, I'm in pain and working with a physical therapist twice a week. One specific pain is gone (out of three I went in with), but my back is totally in spasm. Don (the PT) knows what's going on in my life, and we're working hard to get the knots to loosen.

    I have a few personal things to accomplish today, including checking up on the dog. Yuki has developed 'hot spots' all over, and DH took her to the vet the other day. They had to shave her and I'm trying not to laugh. Poor baby, she's very uncomfortable.

    I wish you all the vest day you can possibly have!
    meg_k replied to katmandulou's response:
    Hi, everyone. It's mid-30's today with light snow on and off in MN.

    My new FM problem of the day which some will no doubt interpret as a blessing - haha! -- I am having difficulty typing. Which I have to do a lot of at my job (and a lot in our FM community as well). Sigh.

    I think it's a combo problem. My brain is foggy and is having a hard time telling my hands what to do. The neuropathy in my hands makes it hard to feel the keys. The stiffness in my forearms makes it hard to move my fingers.

    This is very frustrating. I feel very put-upon by this problem and down because of yet another complication in an already complicated life. Wah!

    Mary, the seizure situation sounds scary...take care.

    Love to all. Must stop typing now... Meg.
    bette_kaffitz responded:
    Hi all,

    Today is supposed to be our last nice day for a while. I took a walk at noontime and our lab managed to get out of the house and follow me. They're doing repairs on the state highway, so a lot of people are detouring down our road and going into Wellsville that way. Since I had no idea the superdog was going to join me, I didn't have his leash. There were at least 10 times when I had to grab the collar and hold my dear, sweet Yukon while cars sped by us. Hopefully, I'll get a solo walk when I'm done here.


    Hope they find the reason for your problem. Seizures are not something to just "wait and see" about. Hopefully, the MRI will actually be Tuesday, and you will have 2 less days to wait and worry.


    How sad that your mom is not able to sit and talk about the good times in the past you shared with your dad. Have you ever noticed how kind memory can be? The good days are the ones you truly remember.

    Have you tried bringing up one of the very best memories as you fall asleep each night? Sleep with a smile on your face!


    I sent away for one of those heated mattress covers a while back. No matter how many layers I put between me and it, I could always feel those wires. They hurt. I guess it's the old princess and the pea syndrome again. Your electric blanket/
    recliner combo sounds like a great idea. You've got comfort, warmth, and--if you can't sleep--the TV handy. What's not to love?

    mnjeepguy responded:
    I wrote a long post, some to each of you, and screwed it up, now it's gone. ;(

    My mom is not doing well. Her severe fibro among other things is is a bad place again. I hope she pops out of it. She is only 58. She still smokes like a chimney since 16. They had tried many meds and settled on a pain pump two years ago. Since then her body has rejected it and won't heal. So, they have moved it 2 times and had to adjust it countless times. It was either to low to do the job, or so high the tv was blurry and she can't talk properly. She is about 85 lbs and 5'2". Very frail and week these days, the Dr's told her husband she had maybe 3 years left. I know I have shared much of this before. I have told her to call me anytime, to keep us 5 kids in the loop. Often we hear 3rd person she is in the hospital of sick. It's time to keep tabs on her.

    I am ok, stressed about mom, sore as all heck, but I got through another day. Take care everyone and have a good night.

    missist replied to mnjeepguy's response:
    Gosh Cory,
    Your mom is just a few years older than me. Sounds awful. My mom kind of just faded away with her pain & losing weight too--finally it was heart attack. Smoking is bad--but you know, I do believe our time is written, The Lord knows what he's doing.

    Sorry you have to find things out second hand, I live very far from home town so I heard things a lot that way too. Doesn't seem right, but so it goes.

    Anyhow all- who wished me luck etc.. with the MRI/eeg thing--It is Thursday. I'm still up in NC leaving hopefully tomorrow. My head was too foggy and ear ringing to do the drive today. also after I have these episodes there seems to be a pattern of a few days where my brain feels like its swelling up-- just pressed with tension. So I'm in that now.

    I am not sure what to make of it--the Neuro told me not to try. Hard though--of course I'm wondering.

    I think right now-- while it could be a brain tumor--I still think probably not. My dad had one & he had terrific headaches.

    I think-- this seems like either a silent migraine/aura migraine or a type of epilepsy. But ms is also on my short list. Today I"m leaning toward epilepsy--but this is a new thought. LOL.

    I guess I thought perhaps my hubby's snoring brought it on? wearing some ear plugs tonight. I just realized that I do have these when he's not home or I'm not here--but I always have one when we are together. maybe snoring is like flashing lights. The things I think of!

    Anyhow It will be nice to have this done & not wonder anymore.

    God Bless all-- Lou--so sad about your mom, just don't know, I guess I'd like to know if my hubby passed--but then again, that's a very tough call. hope your back is better soon.


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